Generative AI Jobs Surged by 20% in May in the U.S.A According to a Report

According to the most recent information released by the recruitment and job search website Indeed, the number of jobs related to generative AI in the United States surged by 20% month-over-month in May this year, indicating that an increasing number of American companies are hoping to capitalize on or utilize the technology to propel business growth.

Based on data from May, there are 204 generative AI-related jobs available for every million job postings in the United States, which is more than twice as many as in 2021.

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Among the artificial intelligence positions listed on Indeed, data scientist positions make up 5%, while job roles such as software engineers, machine learning engineers, and data engineers are also in high demand among companies.

Nick Bunker, the Director of Economic Research at Indeed, is of the opinion that “job seekers’ interest in artificial intelligence-related jobs has significantly increased after the global explosion of ChatGPT.”

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Despite the increase in the number of AI-related jobs available, tech jobs in the United States have decreased by 43.6% since June of last year, and the growth of AI jobs has not kept pace with job seeker interest, Indeed reported.  

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Generative AI Jobs Surged by 20% in May in the U.S.A According to a Report

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