GitHub CEO, Thomas Dohmke, Affirms: AI Can’t Replace Programmers – Expert Insights

But it can surely automate and streamline a lot of things tho!

On September 25, acclaimed tech publication TechCrunch reported that GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke had shared his thoughts on the interplay between artificial intelligence and software development during the TechCrunch Disrupt event today.

Dohmke believes that with the aid of supporting tools like Copilot and Copilot Chat, artificial intelligence and software development have become indispensable to each other.

Microsoft’s introduction of AI technology has made it accessible to individual users. However, Dohmke emphasized that the rapid development of artificial intelligence won’t mark the end of the software development industry.

He pointed out that the current demand for skilled software developers far surpasses the available supply.


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Like many other influential figures in the tech industry, Dohmke has consistently maintained that AI tools, including Copilot, serve to enhance programmer productivity rather than replace it altogether.

“The amount of software is only going to grow exponentially in ten years, we have more and more lines of code to manage, we have more and more ideas, and frankly, every company is a software company now.”

Dohmke highlighted the prevalence of legacy codes, such as those from the 1960s still used by financial institutions and banks, which require continual maintenance and updating, providing evidence for the persistent need for human developers.

These legacy codes were originally developed without contemporary standards like unit testing and CI/CD, so converting them to modern languages like Java or Python remains a challenging task that requires human expertise.  

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GitHub CEO, Thomas Dohmke, Affirms: AI Can’t Replace Programmers – Expert Insights

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