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Blogging is tough, isn’t it.Well, if you thought blogging is tough, then let me tell you about a tougher thing. Do you know what’s more tough than blogging? It’s blogging alone. When you are all alone, creating stuff, trying to find people to pitch your blog to, on a quest for building  readership, all of this is too tough to do alone. I found a term “blogging on an island” a long time back. I find this term still a lot relevant to the current scenario. Most of the new bloggers, and most of the old ones too are all busy in doing their stuff. This strategy of ignoring others and their hard work makes the overall process of blogging very difficult.  The more disconnected you are from others and their stuff, the more you will be on the verge of burnout. When you share what others are doing, and appreciate their work then the good connections flow in and you too receive a lot of mileage from that. Remember giving is the first step to receiving. So, today we will talk about Blogging communities , yes these are places where you will find like minded people doing the same stuff that you are trying to do. But the greatest benefit f such a blogging community is that it provides you a sense of kinship with the fellow bloggers. Add to all this the awesome back-links you get from these places and the level of interaction generated then it’s all worth it. Today I will discuss with you Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me and we have an awesome BlogEngage giveaway too for our mind blowing readers.

Reading now - [GIVEAWAY] Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me.

Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me : Reasons.

BlogEngage is a full fledged bloggers community and even much more. It is a place where bloggers can share their content and have it linked to share on their different social media accounts as well. Once you synchronize it with your feed it will automatically share them. You can choose from 1 to 8 feeds depending upon the RSS plan that you select.

Normally it’s a coveted thing to have a BlogEngage account because it’s a  unique community with lots of interaction. If your post gets featured on the homepage ( after receiving many up votes ), then you are in for a deluge of traffic because everyone would see your post after logging in.

You can also pay for Direct to Front page package for 99.99$ a month. This community can really kick start your blogging journey. The amount of promotion that a paid BlogEngage user gets is just unmatched to any other community.

Here are the pricing plans and features of various BlogEngage packages:

why blogengage is the blogging community for me


[GIVEAWAY] Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me.

BlogEngage services provided :

  • Backlinks benefit and Search Engine optimization boost by generation of back links on the highly popular BlogEngage site.
  • Ability to manually tweak content submission. You can choose category, title of the blog article, custom description, ability to submit to a specific group on the BlogEngage site and the ability to choose unique tags to describe your submitted content.
  • Everything depends on whether you are sharing good content, if you do so and connect good with the other bloggers then you will receive a good number of up votes and hit the home page which really is a traffic booster.
  • Voting requires 8 votes, one of self to get our content published on the homepage. We don’t encourage you to beg for up votes but you can follow others and vote them up to get some love back.
  • Groups can be awesomely used in BlogEngage, connecting with good groups and creating your won makes it easy to share stuff for people.
  • Commenting on BlogEngage posts also gives you back links because they use CommentLuv feature.
  • “Karma” is a new feature on BlogEngage which depends on what you do on the website. For ever published story we get +30 points, for every story submitted +15 points are received. For every comment +10 points are received. There are negative points too when your stories or comments are marked as spam or removed by moderators. Minimum 100 karma points are required to get any article published by any member. Here is the link to this change.
  • Guest blogging opportunities. Blog Engage also allows the users to submit guest posts to the blog engage site.
  • Jobs board is another feature which allows you to post jobs to blogengage and those who are willing can earn some extra cash by doing jobs posted by others.
  • Affiliate marketing to earn money from BlogEngage. Affiliate Lights is the program where you can earn money for anyone signing up for BlogEngage services through you. There’s an initial $10 bonus just for signing up for this service!
  • You get JustRetweet too depending upon the type of service and account you select. It really helps you skyrocket your twitter followers.
  • Contests offered by BlogEngage. Ranging from premium WordPress themes to getting standard BlogEngage accounts for free, the contests are wide ranging and helpful for new bloggers.
  • Personalized notifications for discount offers on products, WordPress themes etc. are always sent to premium users.

The benefits of joining BlogEngage and being a part of this awesome community are many. You get global recognition from bloggers all over the world and lots of stuff becomes possible that you never thought could happen.

You are reading - [GIVEAWAY] Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me.



We have told you time and again, how much we love you. Haven’t we? From bringing a special WordPress theme giveaway, to creating infographics  just to cheer you up. You can’t find a more loving site out there.

This time we are bringing a unique BlogEngage giveaway. Yeah, jump all around the place. Wait, come back to your chair. Yeah, that’s good. We are giving away a BlogEngage account for the winners of this giveaway. Seriously, all of that goodness in the above 800+ words packed into a single account. Yeah, that’s the stuff I am talking about. Take part in this awesome giveaway now!


  • You must not cheat, or use any bots to increase your entries.
  • The winners will be the persons with the maximum number of entries.
  • This giveaway ends on 1st March 2014, the winners will be publicly declared and will get a standard BlogEngage account.
  • 5 accounts are up for grabs. Thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Take part now.

[GIVEAWAY] Why BlogEngage is the blogging community for me : Now that’s why!


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