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Gizmodo Spanish Website Fires Editor and Relies on AI Translations!

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Gizmodo’s parent company, G/O Media, has made a recent announcement regarding their Spanish subsidiary, Gizmodo en Español. The company has decided to let go of all editors and reporters, opting instead to utilize artificial intelligence for translating English reports into Spanish and publishing them directly.

Former Gizmodo en Español editor Matías S. Zavia took to X (previously known as Twitter) to express his thoughts on the situation, mentioning his 13 years of experience and his search for new employment opportunities.

Established in 2002, Gizmodo primarily focuses on subjects like design, technology, science, and science fiction.

It’s worth noting that the transition of Gizmodo en Español has encountered a few bumps along the way. Readers have pointed out instances where article contents haven’t been entirely translated, resulting in English phrases appearing within Spanish texts.

In response, newly uploaded pieces on Gizmodo en Español feature a disclaimer notification informing readers that automatic translation has been used, acknowledging potential disparities arising from intricacies in machine translation algorithms.

The above article was one of the first where they used such a translation. This phase of the Internet feels like the Industrial Revolution all over again. Where skilled workers will be laid off in favor of faster and more efficient machines that don’t cost much to maintain!

Let us know your thoughts on the impact of the AI revolution in the comments below!

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