Google Moves Ads Placements Inside User’s Inboxes for Gmail!

People are not too happy with these changes though!

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Google’s decision to move the placement of ads in the Gmail inbox from the top to the centre. This change has caused inconvenience for users and has been met with negative feedback.

According to recent reports on May 6th, we know that Google had previously placed ads at the top of the Gmail inbox. However, recent feedback from many users has shown that Google has moved the ads to the middle of the inbox and mixed them in with regular emails, causing strong dissatisfaction among users.

According to a report by foreign technology media 9to5Google, Google has been placing ads in Gmail inboxes for ten years, and they were originally placed at the top to allow users to distinguish them effectively.

gmail ads design change complaints 1
Recently, Google has not only adjusted the number of ads embedded in Gmail on mobile and web pages but now two ads are displayed at the top.
gmail ads design change complaints 2
After checking the Reddit community and Twitter social platform, it is evident that users are generally dissatisfied with Google’s approach.
gmail ads design change complaints 3

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Google Moves Ads Placements Inside User’s Inboxes for Gmail!

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