Google Acquires Cameyo to Enhance Chromebook’s Enterprise Capabilities

Google buys Cameyo to enable Windows apps on enterprise Chromebooks, bridging the gap with Windows laptops.

Google has announced the acquisition of Cameyo to enhance its competitiveness in the business and enterprise sectors, aiming to bridge the gap between Chromebooks and Windows laptops.

Currently, Chromebooks primarily compete in the education market but struggle against Microsoft’s dominance in the business domain.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Cameyo offers a virtual application delivery (VAD) service that streams Windows and other operating system applications to any device.

Google partnered with Cameyo in August 2023, integrating the VAD service into ChromeOS, enabling Chromebook users to run Windows applications.

With this acquisition, Google plans to enable Chromebooks to run Windows applications without the need for the Windows operating system, enhancing their functionality in enterprise environments.

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Google Acquires Cameyo to Enhance Chromebook’s Enterprise Capabilities

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