Improve Your Writing Skills with Google’s New AI Grammar Detector

On August 8th, many internet users might have utilized the “grammar checking” feature offered by Grammarly.

As reported by 9To5Google, a well-known tech media outlet, Google has introduced a functionality dubbed “Grammar Checking” that operates similarly to Grammarly, providing users with corrections for grammatical mistakes.

google ai grammar detector
Source: 9to5Google

For instance, 9to5Google pointed out that if an individual types “The dogs arent outside today it is too hot grammar check” into the Google search bar, Google will alert the user to potential spelling issues and suggest entering “The dogs are outside today it is too hot grammar check” instead.

google grammar detector new ai
Source: 9to5Google

According to reports, Google will draw attention to grammatical errors in sentences by displaying them in bold and italics. In cases where no grammatical mistakes are detected, a green mark will appear, indicating correct grammar. Users can also hover their mouse over the amended grammatical mistake to view the correction.

Additionally, they can click the “Copy” button to copy the modified sentence effortlessly. It appears that the support page for this capability has been accessible for several weeks.

When asked about the feature, Google spokesperson Colette Garcia confirmed that the company had secretly rolled out the “syntax check” ability towards the end of June.

In summary, Colette Garcia stated that when users input sentences containing grammatical errors, the search engine would offer the proper spelling solution.

She acknowledged that the “grammar check” feature leverages artificial intelligence but cautioned that its accuracy may vary initially and require improvement over time.

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Improve Your Writing Skills with Google’s New AI Grammar Detector

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