Google Android 5 key lime pie is coming – Will iOS survive ?


Google Android 5 key lime pie is the latest iteration in the Android ecosystem. And it’s expected to arrive soon. The name starts with “K” keeping in mind the alphabetical naming pattern Android follows. It’s expected that Google will showcase Android 5 key lime pie to the world at the annual Google I/O which will happen at San Fransisco, California form May 15-17 at Moscone West Center.

Google Android 5 key lime pie

Google Android 5 Key Lime pie, the key features :-

New theme management scheme.
Android 5 Key lime pie is expected to have all new theme management scheme. Its strongly rumored that the ability to add themes to the stock launcher may be added. Although currently this can be done using third party apps. But to do so within the confines of the OS would be a great development.

  New profile management scheme.
The new profile management feature will enable users to change respective data & sound settings for different profiles. It’s already available on all tablets with Jellybean and to expect the same for smartphones with Android 5 key lime pie is obvious.
Android 5 key lime pie profile management
iOS has no feature comparable to this new armor by Google. While BB10 has profile management, Android too would soon boast of the same for all types of users.

  All new Social Integration hub.
The all new social hub is expected to allow multiple social profiles to be on an integrated in built application. As more and more users are going social, this seems to very likely that such an app may make its debut in Android 5 key lime pie.
WP8 already has such stuff. BB10 is also not far behind and has seamless social networking experience. It seems only iOS and Android lack in this department.

  Discrete Video Calling App.
Google is playing catch up in this department as the competition already has native video conferencing technologies in place. Apple has Face-time. WP8 has Skype integration. Even BB10 has video chat embedded in Blackberry messenger (BBM). Google+ hangouts had video conferencing technology. And now it seems logical to provide it as a native app.
After all, how many users actually install the Google+ app!

  Text message synchronization feature.

Android 5 key lime pie message syncIt’s being rumored that Google may add the ability to sync text messages on the cloud (Google Drive) with Android 5 key lime pie. Android already had syncing of emails, contacts and calender to G mail account. Such an added feature would greatly enhance Android’s usefulness.

Reasons why iOS may falter this time to Android ?

iOS looks outdated and still has the same GUI which was introduced in 2007. The fanboys would say that it’s simple and all. But the truth is that change is the law of nature. The same thing for too long is just too boring. It seems that the guys at Apple are following:

“If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it!” approach.

The recent quote by Thornsten Heins the CEO of Blackberry says it all :-

“The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about, is now five years old.” -Thorsten Heins

Apart from UI issues, iOS also always had a close walled approach. Although I love iPhone and iOS as a package. But sooner or later this will pop up. There’s no space for full customization there. Jailbreaking is good. But I don’t know if any normal user would do it.
So, as of for now it seems that Google might be winning in this slug-fest. With Google Android 5 Key lime pie just around the corner, it seems that the giant has come with a bang this time.
iOS can still win. All it needs is, some innovation. And of course, change!

Given below is a list of Samsung phones which won’t get Android updates beyond Android 4.2.2 ( Latest version of Jellybean). *We are providing this because some of our readers asked so.


  • Galaxy Grand – GT-I9080
  • Galaxy Grand DUOS – GT-I9082
  • Galaxy X Cover 2 – GT-S7710
  • Galaxy Ace 2 – GT -I8160
  • Galaxy Fame – GT – S6810
  • Galaxy S3 mini – GT – I8190
  • Galaxy Note – GT-N7000
  • Galaxy Beam – GT-I8350
  • Galaxy S Advance – GT -I9070
  • Galaxy S2 – GT- I9100
  • Galaxy S2 plus – GT – I9105
  • Galaxy Premier – GT – I9260

Well that was the bad news for the users of the above phones. And the good news is that Note 2, Note 8 , Note 10.1 , Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 will certainly get the update for Android 5 key lime pie.

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