Material You Design Comes to Google Chrome for Android!

Google Chrome for Android Will Now Support the Material You Design!

News on January 26: Google’s Material You theme provides a consistent colour scheme on Android. For Chrome’s Address Bar on Android too the Material Design by Google is now available. This change is in line with Google’s Material You design philosophy, which focuses on providing a more personalized and dynamic user experience by allowing users to customize the look and feel of their devices.

The new Material You address bar in Google Chrome on Android is part of this effort, and it’s designed to offer a more consistent and cohesive design across the entire Android ecosystem. The new design is currently rolling out to users, and it is expected to be widely available in the coming weeks.

google material design on chrome android

The Material You theme for Chrome’s address bar was currently only available in the Chrome Canary version and there’s still time for it to roll out to 100% of users of the stable version of Chrome. It is part of Google’s efforts to make the browsing experience more personalized and visually appealing, allowing users to customize the look and feel of Chrome to match their personal style. Additionally, the new card-based design for search results and suggestions makes it easier to identify and organize different types of content, improving the overall browsing experience.

It’s worth noting that the card has a slightly brighter background compared to the rest of the screen to accentuate the search results. The new design of the address bar in Google Chrome, which follows the Material You theme, is now bigger and more rectangular in shape. This change helps pages look less cluttered and provides a more consistent colour scheme throughout the browser.

Additionally, search results, websites, and suggestions are presented in their own separate cards, rather than appearing as text on light or dark backgrounds. This design, which is similar to the unified Pixel Launcher search, will be available on all Android phones, not just Google’s own devices.

We also learned that the Google Chrome Material You address bar redesign feature was being tested through the Beta channel. But it will soon be available on the Stable Channel for Chrome 109.

This update does not require any manual action, it will be visible in Chrome when the feature becomes available in users’ regions. Users can also turn on the feature by going to chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update in the Chrome browser.

Are you a Chrome user and did you notice a significant visual upgrade after this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Material You Design Comes to Google Chrome for Android!

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