Google Chrome Speeds Up by 5% with Improved Cookie Handling

Google Chrome reduces redundant cookie requests by 80%, boosting access speed by 60% and overall performance by 5%.

Google Chrome Browser Speeds Up by 5%: Cookie Redundant Requests Reduced by 80%, Access Speed Increased by 60%

Google’s Chromium blog announced on June 3 that by adjusting the way cookies are requested, early tests have shown performance improvements across all platforms.

Issue at Hand

In the era of single-process browsers, managing cookies was easier as all related data was stored in memory. However, modern browsers, including Chrome, use multiple processes to enhance performance and security.

Chrome runs a new process for each window and other functions, necessitating more queries to handle cookies, which slows down the performance.

Google stated that repeated cookie requests in Chrome cause many interactions to slow down.

According to Google, their blog post highlights:

“We discovered through live tracking of slow interactions that some websites trigger inefficient scenarios of repeatedly fetching cookies. We introduced additional metrics to measure the frequency of redundant GetCookieString() IPCs during all navigations. Surprisingly, 87% of cookie accesses were redundant, occurring hundreds of times per second in some cases.”

When multiple websites make rapid requests simultaneously, these requests can occur hundreds of times per second, causing severe delays. The traditional method of synchronizing cookies from the network service created bottlenecks.


Google now stores a local copy of cookie data and its version number, allowing Chrome to check if the cookies are up-to-date without repeatedly requesting them.

google document cookie updates

According to Google engineers, this change reduced the number of cookie-related queries by 80% and increased cookie access speed by 60%.

“Our approach involves pairing each document.cookie value with a monotonically increasing version number. Each renderer caches the document.cookie along with the version last read. The network service stores the version of each document.cookie in shared memory. Thus, renderers can determine if they have the latest version without inter-process queries.”

google document cookie performance improvements

Early tests showed performance improvements of up to 5% across all platforms after deploying this update.

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Google Chrome Speeds Up by 5% with Improved Cookie Handling

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