Google ChromeOS to Introduce Reading Aid, Focus Mode

Discover new ChromeOS features like reading aid, focus mode, and seamless device integration for enhanced productivity.

Google announced a series of new features coming to ChromeOS, including “Help Me Read,” Focus Mode, and “Where Was I?”.

Google ChromeOS

The “Where Was I?” feature will help users quickly resume work by displaying previously opened windows, tabs, and apps in a new overview interface.

chromeos new features

The bottom of the screen will feature an information bar showing the weather, recent Google Drive documents, and upcoming schedules.

A “Welcome Back” card will suggest reopening previous session windows and apps, including web pages browsed on other devices.

This cross-device functionality will allow users to continue tasks seamlessly across different operating systems, such as starting an article on an Android or iPhone Chrome browser and continuing on a Chromebook.

The “Help Me Read” feature offers users easy access to summaries of web pages or PDF documents and allows follow-up questions in a conversational format.

Focus Mode enhances the “Do Not Disturb” mode by letting users set a countdown and select specific YouTube music playlists or focus sounds to avoid distractions.

chromeos new features launched

Additionally, Google introduced a Chromebook Plus “real-time transcription” feature similar to Pixel Recorder and a “real-time translation” feature for video watching and video calls.

Another notable feature is the ChromeOS “face and gesture tracking” based on Android’s Project Gameface, which allows users to write emails, open apps, or browse the web without using a keyboard or third-party software.

This feature is still in early development but promises to significantly improve ChromeOS accessibility.

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Google ChromeOS to Introduce Reading Aid, Focus Mode

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