Google Clarifies YouTube Update Impact on Ad Blockers

Google explains YouTube update causing videos to skip to the end aims to improve stability, not target ad blockers.

In recent weeks, YouTube users have reported videos automatically skipping to the end, particularly those using ad blockers. Google responded via 9to5Google, stating the update aims to enhance platform performance and reliability, not to counter ad blockers.

YouTube’s official statement highlights that ad blockers violate its terms of service. Users are encouraged to support creators by allowing ads or using YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

The update’s goal is to improve performance and reliability, though it may lead to a suboptimal viewing experience for ad blocker users.

Some users speculate the update’s code conflicts with ad blockers, causing the skip issue. Interestingly, reports indicate the problem also affects users without ad blockers.

This clarification comes amidst various user experiences and speculation about the update’s true impact.

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Google Clarifies YouTube Update Impact on Ad Blockers

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