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Google’s Digital WellBeing maybe slowing down Pixel phones!

google digital wellbeing pixel slowdown

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is designed to be a useful, transparent tool to monitor users’ habits of using their smartphones and achieve a healthier balance between screen time and life.

But in the past few weeks, many Pixel users have come to the conclusion that Digital Wellbeing has a negative impact, reducing device speed. Reddit now has a very active post that includes many reports of performance improvements when closing Digital Wellbeing. The theory was originally proposed by Reddit user Trueray17 a week ago, and he said it completely solved the performance problems of Pixel 3.

Slow phones? Buy why?

Slowing your phone shouldn’t be one of the features of Digital Wellbeing. By design, it can run in the background and record the time users spend on applications and devices. This data can be very valuable if the user wants to make better choices and reduce the time spent staring at the screen. Users can set the app timer or grey the screen so that their preferred app will look less attractive when they open it on impulse.

But Digital Wellbeing may hinder the speed of Pixel phones, which may be a bit worrying. If these user reports on speed and frame rates are accurate, then this will give the users a clear reason to disable this very useful resource.

Digital Wellbeing is one of the main new features of Android Pie, which initially appeared on Pixel phones and then moved to Android One and other devices. Google will extend it in Android Q using the new Focus mode. A lot of tech media have reported this problem to Google recently, but Google has not yet responded to this matter.

How to turn off Google Digital WellBeing feature:

Also, if a Google Pixel user wants to temporarily turn off Digital Wellbeing, follow these steps:

• Go to the settings on your Pixel phone.

• Select Digital Wellbeing option.

• Click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner and select “Close usage rights”.

• Confirm this decision on the next screen using access, select Digital Wellbeing and turn off the “Allow Access” option.

This would turn off the Digital WellBeing option and thereby speed up your device a little bit more. In case you try this fix then do let us know in the comments section below!

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