Google Fitbit Charge 6 Smart Band May Come With Revamped Physical Buttons

According to 9to5Google and other sources this change might be seen soon

Reports indicate that Google plans to release not only the Pixel Watch 2 but also the Fitbit Charge 6 smart bracelet this year. Fitbit’s Charge series has been quite popular, with five generations of products launched since 2014, culminating in the recent Charge 5 released two years ago.

According to 9to5google, knowledgeable sources reveal that Charge 6 closely resembles Charge 5 in appearance, save for the addition of a tangible button on the left border.

In Charge 3 and 4, Fitbit implemented a pressure-sensitive button providing tactile feedback upon pressing.
Conversely, Charge 5 opted for a full-touch user interface, where the Fitbit UI could be navigated via tapping and sliding.

fitbit charge 4 vs charge 5

Consistent with the designs of Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4, Charge 6 reverts back to utilizing physical buttons, enabling swift access to the clock interface or screen awakening.

Support for Google applications and services—such as YouTube Music and Google Maps—serves as the primary selling point of Fitbit Charge 6. Basic features incorporate an alarm clock and mobile notification alerts.

The Fitbit UI underwent minimal changes on Charge 6; the apps remain situated on either side of the clock interface, whereas quick settings may be accessed by swiping downward.
Swiping upwards leads to the today view, displaying data including heart rate, sleep span, date, and battery level.

It is worth mentioning that Charge 5 was released in September 2021. Considering that a Fitbit device has recently cleared FCC certification, it is anticipated that Charge 6 shall be launched during the forthcoming holiday season.

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Google Fitbit Charge 6 Smart Band May Come With Revamped Physical Buttons

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