Google is redesigning Gboard: only for Pixel phones equipped with Android 12 system!

Shouldn’t this come to all Android phones?

According to the reputed tech website 9to5Google, in the past few versions, Google has been developing new Gboard themes, and these themes are only available to a very small number of users. Earlier this week, Gboard 10.6 revealed that Google is actively redesigning Pixel phones equipped with Android 12 systems.

gboard old vs new version

9to5Google stated that it has decompiled the latest version of the app uploaded by Google to the Play Store, and the code seen in it hints at features that Google may launch in the future. It should be noted that Google may or may not release these features.

google gboard new design out

As before, Gboard uses Google Sans instead of Roboto as the font. This change is most obvious in capital letters. At the same time, keys such as QWERTY are visually distinguished from the suggestion bar, shortcuts, and microphone input.

We can also clearly see that Gboard has also received a new design and now there is a pill-shaped button for “?123”.

Sources pointed out that these changes have not been widely promoted, and currently only apply to Pixel phones. The Gboard redesign may be limited to Android 12 and will go live with the release of Beta.

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Google is redesigning Gboard: only for Pixel phones equipped with Android 12 system!

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