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Google Wants to Use Generative AI for Targeting Potential Audience More Precisely

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In the coming weeks, Google plans to introduce generative artificial intelligence technology into its advertising business, which will result in the integration of the technology into even more of its products.

According to internal documents it provided to advertisers, Google plans to use artificial intelligence to generate novel ads based on material produced by human marketers.

Generative artificial intelligence is unlocking a world of creativity.

Said, Google

Google encourage users to buy its products using Artificial Intelligence in its advertising business. But it wants to incorporate this latest technology in its new Bard chatbot for allowing users to create more refined ads that can rival professional agencies.

As per the Sources, Advertisers will be able to use relevant images, videos and texts for a specific publicity strategy. After then Google’s new Artificial intelligence can mix and match these materials exactly like Midjouney to create target audiences or sales goals-specific advertisements.

The use of generative artificial intelligence chatbots has raised concerns about the spread of misinformation, as these tools can assertively state false information. In response, Google has announced plans to roll out new generative AI features with safeguards to prevent mistakes.

Google has recently integrated this technology into its widely used office products such as Workspace, Docs, and Gmail. It plans to integrate this new technology into its Performance Max advertising service, which uses algorithms to decide where ads should be placed, calculate marketing budgets, and generate ad copy.

The advertising industry is facing challenges as companies try to control costs and comply with restrictions on the use of personal data for marketing. Google’s ad revenue fell 4% in the fourth quarter of last year, affecting its parent company Alphabet’s overall revenue growth.

Social media platforms are also using generative AI technology to improve their advertising services, with Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) launching Advantage+ last year and they might apply generative AI to their own advertising system by the end of this year.

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