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Google Imagen Editor AI Tool Can Recreate Pictures in One Sentence!

Wallpapers Using Google Image Search

On the 10th of June, technology giant Google unveiled its latest offering: the Imagen Editor, a cutting-edge generative AI tool that empowers users to modify existing images based on their textual descriptions. Unlike other image creation tools that generate entirely new content, Imagen Editor is geared towards secondary creation based on pre-existing images.

Google has provided an official example demonstrating the capabilities of Imagen Editor. The example begins by highlighting the body of a pet dog, then proceeds to request that the dog be outfitted in a “red spacesuit with white stars.” Imagen Editor subsequently adds a cardboard rocket to the background of the image and finishes it off by equipping the pet dog with blue Bluetooth headphones.

As a company that holds itself to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, Google is not yet fully prepared to address all potential security concerns and has thus opted not to release Imagen Editor to the public at this time.

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