Google India Roadshow Gurgaon – Overview

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend an event conducted by Google Inc., it was Google India Roadshow. The main focus of this event was to showcase the power of Cloud computing products developed by Google. The spotlight was on few main things in the event. They were Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Big Query, big data and most of all the event showed how Google’s cloud offering was as good as, if not better than the competition! The event started in the morning at 9 am and went on till 5 o’clock in the evening. We will discuss more about Google India Roadshow Gurgaon. But firstly let us know more about the Google Cloud products!

Google India Roadshow Gurgaon : The offering.

Amongst all the current cloud players Amazon has the upper hand right now. It’s simply because they have been in the business since a long time. But Google has caught up pretty fast, and managed cloud services provided by Google, particularly in Google App Engine, are quite good. So let’s know more about these products.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is basically PaaS which means “Platform as a service”. It allows people like us to make and deploy our applications on Google’s own platform, which means that we get to use the same awesome infrastructure as Google. The biggest advantage is the scalability factor, you get to be free till the data transfer is around 1 GB of data, and you pay from there on as you exceed the free quota. Right now App Engine run time supports the following environments : Java, Python, PHP and Go ( which is Google’s own programming language ). The app engine is for those people who just want to code, deploy and forget as most of the maintenance is done by Google. It compromises on customizability a bit. But that part has been taken care of in Compute Engine.

Google Compute Engine

The Compute Engine is like the big brother of App Engine. A user can run his/her own custom environment on top of compute engine. They can also choose how much hardware they would like to allocate. The virtual machines called as instances can be made by the user on his/her own demand and the performance is truly scalable with the load balancer and other awesome back-end stuff kicking in whenever we need that extra push.

google compute engine overview
Google compute engine overview and pricing.

Big Query and Big Data

BigQuery can be thought of as the big brother of SQL style queries. BigQuery lets the user work on humongous datasets without breaking a sweat. Without the right mix of hardware and processing querying Big Data ( i.e. data with enormous amount of records upto 100 GB and even beyond that) can be really painful and can take hours and hours, when we were showed the demo then tables which had Terabyte sized records were processed within a matter of seconds.

google india roadshow bigquery explained

Try it here now.

Pictures from the Google India Roadshow Event

Few reasons why Google Compute Engine is better than AWS, covered here.

Google India Roadshow Gurgaon : My personal thoughts.

On a more personal note, I felt pretty anxious at the Google India Roadshow. It was simply because I had for the first time witnessed industry grade work quality and company heads from various fledgling startups were all at one place, there were guys from Google too and the whole experience was marvelous.

So would you check out the Google Cloud platform, especially the App Engine and the Compute Engine? Answer in the comments section below!


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Google India Roadshow Gurgaon – Overview

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