Google and Meta Invest in Hollywood Content for AI Training

Google and Meta are negotiating with Hollywood studios to buy content for AI training, involving multi-million dollar deals.

On May 25, news emerged that one of the main challenges in the AI era is legally obtaining content to train models. As a result, many AI companies are spending heavily to purchase copyrighted content.

Following a multi-year collaboration between OpenAI and News Corporation, the latest reports suggest that Meta and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, are seeking agreements with Hollywood movie studios to use their content.

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The two tech giants have reportedly been in talks with several Hollywood studios, with deals potentially worth millions of dollars. These transactions would allow Meta and Alphabet to acquire licensed video content to train their AI models.

Sources indicate that Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros. have been involved in these discussions. While Netflix and Disney are hesitant and prefer other forms of collaboration, they have not completely ruled out the possibility.

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Warner Bros. appears more open to the idea, and either Alphabet or Meta may soon secure rights to its content.

Currently, details about these deals remain scarce. It is unclear which companies will eventually secure the content, what terms Netflix and Disney might agree to, or if these collaborations will succeed.

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Google and Meta Invest in Hollywood Content for AI Training

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