After Writers AI Might Be Coming for Music Composers Too!

Meet Google’s MusicLM, an AI model capable of generating music!

According to multiple news reports on January 28, it’s now clear that AI-generated music may be the next major frontier for content creation, following in the footsteps of AI-generated text.

On January 27, Google unveiled the findings of its research into MusicLM, an AI model capable of producing a wide variety of high-quality music from text descriptions. However, due to copyright concerns, the researchers have not made the model publicly available.

“We stress that further work is needed in the future to address these risks associated with music generation—we have no current plans to release the model,”

the researchers stated.

It seems most likely that this model might have been trained with tons of copyrighted music data hence the reluctance on Google’s part to release it. Or maybe fear of the Recording Industry might have led to a stalled release.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that AI has been used for music generation. Both Google’s AudioML and OpenAI’s Jukebox project have tackled this problem in the past, but MusicLM boasts a large model and training database (280,000 hours of music), which allows it to produce more diverse and complex music.

As a result, AI can not only recognize and incorporate specific genres and instruments, but it can also compose tracks based on abstract concepts that are difficult for traditional machines to grasp.

For instance, if you want to create a dance-reggae hybrid that should feel “empty, otherworldly” and evoke “wonder and awe,” MusicLM can help you to quickly realize that vision, it can even create melodies based on humming, whistling, or painting descriptions. The story mode can even stitch multiple descriptions together to create the DJ or soundtrack you want.

However, like many AI models, MusicLM still has some shortcomings in its understanding, and some of its creations may sound strange, and even human voices are difficult to understand.

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After Writers AI Might Be Coming for Music Composers Too!

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