Google working on “OneChrome” to bring Android, ChromeOS together!

Is this going to be Google’s version of “Continuity”?

One of the favourite things for Apple users on the iPhone and Mac is the close integration of the two devices. According to many people, continuity is one of the reasons why they are still in the Apple ecosystem. Microsoft is doing something similar, building a bridge between mobile smartphones and PCs. Now Google is also trying to open up the Chrome OS and Android ecosystem. There’s a new initiative called “One Chrome” which might be Google’s way of bridging the gap!

Chrome Story recently discovered some code snippets indicating that Google plans to make Android and Chrome OS work together more closely. Google Chrome OS has a certain degree of integration with the Android system, but its integration and functionality are far from the features provided by Microsoft or Apple.

Google OneChrome details and features

google one chrome features and leaks

According to the source, in the future, you can click on the phone number on your Chromebook and immediately make a call on Android. You would be able to share the Wi-Fi password option and the universal clipboard function between devices.

OneChrome future and more

At present, Apple has iPhone and MacBook devices, and Microsoft has Windows 10. But there is no huge inter-device connected system for Google yet and their hopes lie on Android phones. Google only has a lightweight Chrome OS which isn’t really a user favourite. The important thing is Android OS as it has the most traction!

With Android Q code updates and news of a desktop mode coming in maybe we are going to see a possible merger too in the time that’s to come!

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So guys what do you think? Is a really connected future in store for Android users? With the ability to pick off their work on any machine of their choice? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Google working on “OneChrome” to bring Android, ChromeOS together!

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