Google Pixel Camera APK download for Android, get the Pixel experience!

How to get the Google Pixel camera APK on any Android phone!

Ever since Google entered the smartphone market it has taken the tech world by a storm. This was because of the different capabilities of their Pixel device. Especially in the camera department. Back in October, the search engine giant launched the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL which till date is their latest offering. What set apart those two devices against the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and other smartphone manufacturers is the one thing at the rear of the device, the camera. In today’s post, we are going to explain how to get the Google Pixel camera APK on any Android phone of your choice.

An array of leaks were found on the web a week before the initial launch of the device. However, one thing that couldn’t leave the Google office was the amazing feature which is first for any camera phone. It was called “Night Sight”. This feature was bundled with the Pixel 3. It basically allows the camera to shoot long exposure shots and with the help of computational software that Google has implemented into their device, the picture magically comes out better than what you can see with your naked eye.

This is because of the merging of up to 7-8 frames of data into one final image to get better light. In short, the Pixel 3 camera provided one of the best low light photography experiences out there. The feature was not available during the first few days and it definitely did not ship with the Pixel 3. After a month or so of the release, an update carried this feature and hence everyone got to check it out.

Google Pixel Camera APK download for Android: Pixel 3/3XL Camera Features!

Google released an update with the Version 6.1.013 which enabled the night sight feature. cstark27, an XDA developers member was able to mod the Camera API and port it to OnePlus 6 and some of the LG devices. One of the best parts about Google is that the camera app is ported to work on older devices which basically means that each and every one of you reading this can experience the Google Pixel camera APK features on your smartphone. However, the ported camera app is still in beta and needs some tweaks here and there, it has already bought the most requested Night sight and the live Google lens.

How To Download Google Pixel 3/3XL Camera APK On Your Smartphone :

The Google camera brings forwards a ton of new features such as the Top Shot, Photobooth, Live Lens, Night sight and more. If you want to check the aforementioned features you just need to follow the steps mentioned below. The downloading process is rather simple thanks to folks at XDA Developers.
1. Download the app from XDA developers site by following the link here.

2. After you’ve successfully downloaded the APK file for the camera, go ahead and click on the install button. Then, launch the app.

3. Upon doing that, the app will ask you some permissions in order to access your camera, microphone, location and more. To make this work, you have to grant these permissions.

Google Pixel Camera APK download for Android

4. It’s done. Yes, really!. To access the night mode and other features head over to the more button while in the viewfinder to try them.



As of now, the app is more stable on devices running on Android Pie. Now you can try out Night sight, Google live lens and more with the help of this trick. One more major inclusion in the Google Camera 6.1 version is the support for RAW image format. To enable this follow through to the Settings > Advanced and toggle on the RAW+JPEG format in order to achieve the best quality image the phone can process.

So this was a quick tutorial on how to do Google Pixel Camera APK download for Android and how to set up the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL camera on any smartphone. Let us know down below in the comments how this worked for you.

If you have any doubts or issues with the version provided here then also let us know in the comments and we will try to fix you up with the relevant version for your device.

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Google Pixel Camera APK download for Android, get the Pixel experience!

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