Google May Delete Accounts That Haven’t Been Used Since Two Years!

Go and immediately log in to your Google Accounts right away to avoid the delete hammer!

Google has recently announced its updated policy for inactive accounts, indicating that any Google accounts that have remained unused for a minimum of two years will be removed.

According to Google, accounts that have been inactive for an extended period are more susceptible to hacking attempts due to vulnerable passwords and a lack of two-factor authentication.

Effective immediately, if you have not utilized or logged into your Google Account within the past two years, Google may delete your account and all its associated contents, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos.

It is important to note that this policy solely applies to personal Google accounts and does not affect business or educational accounts. Inactive accounts are scheduled for deletion in December 2023, but Google will provide advanced notice before deleting them.

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If you have created an account but have not used it since it will be the first to go. However, Google will send multiple notifications to both your account email address and your recovery email, assuming you have provided one.

To keep your Google Account active, Google recommends signing in at least once every two years.

If you have recently signed in to your account or used a Google service, your account is considered active and safe from deletion. Activities that count as account activity include reading or sending an email, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video, downloading a Google Play app, using Google Search, having an active subscription through a Google Account, or using Sign in with Google.

Previously in 2020, Google had asserted that it would delete content from unused accounts but retain the accounts themselves.

However, they have now changed their plan and will be deleting inactive accounts entirely. Therefore, it is crucial to sign in at least once every two years to ensure the security and activity of your Google Account.

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Google May Delete Accounts That Haven’t Been Used Since Two Years!

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