Google and TSMC Collaborate on Custom Tensor G5 Chip for Pixel 10

Google partners with TSMC to develop the custom Tensor G5 chip, featuring advanced packaging technology, for the upcoming Pixel 10 smartphone.

Google is reportedly collaborating with TSMC to develop its first fully custom chip, the Tensor G5, which will be used in the Pixel 10 series. According to sources, the Tensor G5 codenamed “LGA” (Laguna Beach), will utilize TSMC’s InFo POP (Integrated Fan-Out) wafer-level packaging technology and support over 16GB of RAM.

google pixel tensor g5 chipset

However, it will take another year before this chip and the corresponding Pixel 10 phones are released.

The upcoming Pixel 9 series will feature the Tensor G4 chip, codenamed “Zuma Pro,” an improved version of the Tensor G3 used in the Pixel 8/8a series. The Tensor G4 is not expected to bring any significant upgrades.

Previous reports have indicated that the Tensor G4 will be a minor update, with major improvements planned for the Tensor G5. Google aims to design the CPU and GPU for this chip in-house.

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Google and TSMC Collaborate on Custom Tensor G5 Chip for Pixel 10

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