Google’s YouTube to End ‘Stories’ Service Starting June 26

Another product joins Google Graveyard!

On the 29th of May, it was reported by various news outlets that Google’s video-sharing platform, YouTube, has made an announcement regarding the discontinuation of its Stories service.
YouTube Stories, which was introduced as a feature in 2017 under the name of Reels and later renamed to Stories, allowed users to share short videos or photo slideshows on mobile devices. This feature enabled users to post content that would automatically be deleted after 24 hours.
As per the announcement made by YouTube, the Stories service will cease to operate on June 26th. In addition, YouTube has stated that all YouTube Stories posted on the platform on June 26th will expire in a week’s time. The company has further explained that the decision to remove Stories is in line with its efforts to promote YouTube Shorts and community posts, which provide a better user experience.
YouTube has expressed its belief that community posts offer a more effective platform for sharing “light updates” and encouraging discussions among followers. Meanwhile, Shorts, which were launched in 2020, have gained popularity among users due to their ability to generate more traffic and subscribers than Stories.
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It is worth noting that Shorts are similar to TikTok’s short-form videos, and YouTube has been actively promoting the feature to compete with its popular social media rival.
In conclusion, YouTube Stories will no longer be available on the platform from June 26th, and YouTube has encouraged users to explore the other features available on the platform, such as Shorts and community posts, which offer a more comprehensive experience.
The decision to discontinue Stories and focus on other features reflects YouTube’s commitment to improving user engagement and providing a diverse range of tools and features to its users.
It will be interesting to see how the removal of Stories impacts the user experience on YouTube and whether it leads to an increase in the usage of other features like Shorts and community posts.

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Google’s YouTube to End ‘Stories’ Service Starting June 26

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