Goqii life band review fitness tracker #BETHEFORCE

Goqii life fitness band review
Goqii life band review

A deluge of fitness trackers have hit the market in the past few months. A lot of them come with fancy features like displays, flashing lights etc. Some come in simple elegant designs and do only few things but do it great like the Xiaomi MI Band. The YUFit band on the surface seems loaded with features but it’s poor battery life and inaccurate steps tracking make the product seem lacklustre. So today we bring to you our Goqii Life Band review where in we will see where does the Goqii life band stack up against the rest of the competition. Want to have something more from your current Fitness Band? A life coach or fulfilling the desire for your social responsibilities just by being fit? Then Goqii Life Fitness Band is the answer for you.

Features of the Goqii Life band

Goqii band comes with a USB charger and you can choose one of two straps; one in orange colour and other one in black colour. There is the fitness tracker capsule available in the box along with a user manual that you can use in case you get stuck somewhere. The band quality is pretty good as it is water and sweat resistant. Over time and over a long period of usage the band’s strap does get a little bit more elastic than before but there’s no significant wear and tear.

Goqii life fitness band review pictures

The fitness tracker capsule has a small rectangular size with a curved OLED touch screen. The only disadvantage in case of capsule is that it is not scratch proof. Even after normal usage, you might end up getting some scratches on it. When you turn on the capsule, following are the screens that you will see:

Goqii life band review: Different functions.

Goqii Watch: When on this screen, automatically updated date and time will appear. In case of wrong time options, you might have to change it manually.

Pedometer screen: This screen will show how many steps you have walked for the day. The couting of the steps is pretty accurate in Goqii Bands which is a plus point.

Active time screen: This screen shows how much time you have stayed active (on your feet).

Distance and calories: Distance screen will show how much distance (indoor and outdoor) have you covered. Calories screen will show amount of calories you have burned by being active.

Karma Points earned: It shows the number of Karma points that you have earned throughout the day by walking and doing activities.

So Goqii Life Fitness Band is not just a regular fitness band. Yes it will count your steps and tell you how much calories have you burned and will count accurate steps, but there is much more to it. Some of the most distinguishing Goqii band features are Goqii Coach which is like you personal fitness coach which will guide and advise you from time to time on areas where you are lagging behind. As per your inputs, it will tell you how many more steps you should walk or how much water you should drink. The Goqii coach also helps you set some reasonable targets which you both will be sure to achieve. But one thing to keep in mind is that when your subscription ends, life coach won’t provide you with tips. Other features will definitely work, but you won’t receive tips from the Life Coach.

Another interesting feature is of Karma Points. By achieving your goals you can collect Karma points and then donate them for various causes listed on Goqii app. You can select what all causes you want to work with and by simple click you will also make a change into someone’s life. In case there is some specific charity you want to donate to, you can also send in your suggestions regarding that on Goqii’s Official site.

Goqii App:

The Goqii band comes with a swift app that helps you keep your fitness in check accurately. The only lag in the app is if you are using the iOS version. The Android app works pretty smooth and there are hardly any lags. But the iOS app faces major issues because you wont be able to download it from the official iOS store. The app for iOS can be downloaded from the official site only which is tedious process.

Battery Life:

Goqii claims that the band will work for 7 days with a single charge. When tested, this claim was true. You simply need to charge your band for 3-4 hours that’s all. We could use the band for 6-7 days easily after a single full charge.

So guys here’s the Goqii life band review video for everyone who needs to see the product up and close! 

For a starting price of INR 2399 for three months of coach and for the band the Goqii life tracker doesn’t seem to a bad deal for fitness tracking solutions. It has all added capabilities in terms of steps tracking and calories counting and the plus point is that it has a display which makes it for a superior product when compared to other non display bands. Though it’s not as great as fitness bands made by Fitbit which also show heart rate tracking and are super accurate but still when it comes to overall pricing and making a value for money product, Goqii gets the mix right.

Here’s a comparison video that we shot earlier.

So what are your views about the Goqii life fitness band, don’t forget to comment and carry forward the discussion!

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