WP themes by Grovepixels lifetime membership giveaway

As all of you might remember a few weeks ago we had brought to you a new premium WordPress themes development company i.e. GrovePixels. Today we bring to you an awesome opportunity of being able to win a life time account with free support for Grovepixels. For those of you who have forgotten or not read the previous post, let me remind you that Grovepixels is a premium WordPress theme company with a wide range of beautiful and search engine friendly as well as speedy designs. So what are you waiting for scroll down below to take part in Grovepixels lifetime membership giveaway.

WP themes by Grovepixels lifetime membership giveaway: Overview of themes.

Introducing Grovepixels your new WordPress theme destination


There are a lot of themes by GrovePixels, the notable ones among them are as follows:’

Introducing Grovepixels blogland theme

Blogland theme is specially for Blogs as it has a very simplistic layout with focus on readability and ease of usage.

Similarly there are other themes with different focuses.

introducing grovepixels gatsby theme Introducing Grovepixels fooding theme introducing grovepixels fashify theme

WP themes by Grovepixels lifetime membership giveaway: Contest.

The contest will start from today i.e. 3rd December and run till 10th of December. 3 lucky winners would get a lifetime membership account on Grovepixels and access to all the current awesome themes along with assured access to all the future releases + awesome customer support.

The giveaway is simple, just take part through the below widget.

Here are the rules for taking part in the Grovepixels account giveaway.

  1. One person can only take part once, don’t try to fraud the system.
  2. Follow the steps to ensure maximum entries, come back daily for more points.
  3. Person with maximum points wins the giveaway.
  4. The more you share, the more are your chances of winning.
  5. You can write a post and link back to this giveaway for earning more entries.
  6. Use of scripts and hacks would lead to instant disqualification from the giveaway.
  7. Take part now and enjoy.
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WP themes by Grovepixels lifetime membership giveaway

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