How modern times have changed the working of artists

Who is an artist? An artist is a person who creates works of art. So, what is a work of art? According to me, anything which required time, effort and usage of brain in a clean and robust manner in order to make, that conveys a strong message, is a work of art. Modern times are very dynamic, this is the age of Web 2.0 where we have so much internet usage which makes even the thought of living for a day without it impossible. The internet has also changed the way we discover art. A new generation of internet savvy artists have emerged who rely heavily on social media for maintaining their clout and to promote their works. Let’s analyse the current scenario in detail to know how modern times have changed the working of artists.

How modern times have changed the working of artists 2A great example of this phenomenon is Justin Bieber. He got initial popularity from YouTube, and then he did shows all around his country and rose to stardom. At home, another musician is following the same route. He is Yo Yo Honey Singh.  His songs spread like wild fire as soon as they are released on YouTube. He has made himself the highest paid artist in music industry of India by just embracing social media in such a way that was not done by his predecessors.
The likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna and others are already using their social media to a great level. Rihanna has been the most followed person on Twitter for so long that I have now entered my third year of engineering.

Artists today have ample opportunities to showcase their works. They can set up their own blogs. If they are not that tech-savvy or technical enough they can easily make a blog on Blogger by Google, or on Tumblr. If they can’t even do this, then they can just create  a Twitter account and make their presence felt.

Reading now: How modern times have changed the working of artists.

The truth of this digital age is, that you can get all the exposure you want. You just need to have compelling eye popping content which can make readers, viewers, listeners drool. The latest example is of this girl whose rant against Google+ comments and integration with YouTube is going viral.


The opportunities for branding oneself and their own works is huge in this age of social media. I would like to take my own example, I love to create music with my friends. But initially I thought no one would actually like it. Then I just uploaded a few of my sounds on Soundcloud and shared them on social media and was surprised to see that many people liked the songs.

So, it’s clear that there is a wide audience out their ready to consume your content. All you have to do is firstly create something unique, and then share it with the help of different forms of social media.

A notable thing is that earlier graphic designers had to go from place to place in order to find work. But nowadays they can easily find work online or start their own service. Even freelancers like me are seeing a rise in the availability of work. All you have to do is provide quality material.

Reading now: How modern times have changed the working of artists.

How modern times have changed the working of artists : The future ahead.

What lies in the future? It depends on what we wish to see. The immediate future will see unexpected rise in the number of internet savvy people trying to pitch in their creations to a vast audience who has just now grasped how to use the internet effectively.
The far sighted mind of mine says that in few years from now the competition would have surely increased but only the ones with constant streams of artistic bursts will survive. Those who have sporadic works at best won’t last long to see the light of fame, success and other treasures that generally come in the lap of an established digital artist.

Soon, we will usher in a new age of digital artistic revolution where there will be more artists than the world needs.

But the truth shall always be, that

A good artist never goes out of demand.

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Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. And watch his videos on YouTube.

How modern times have changed the working of artists

5 thoughts on “How modern times have changed the working of artists”

  1. I agree with you bro in future there will be more artists than the world required and you have written paid as pad may be its a spelling mistake. Thanks for the useful article.

  2. We all constantly create.
    I play the guitar but I don’t consider myself an artist at all more like a bungle. 🙂

    to me underground artist are the real deal not the mainstream shallow quality that is being shoved down our throats on a daily basis.



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