How to bulk rename files in Windows without any software


Renaming one file is easy. Right click and rename. Simple. But what about renaming multiple files on the fly? How to bulk rename files in Windows? Now that’s a sticky spot where we always need a trick. Especially for times when we want to rename those vacation pictures of family function pictures for easy access on our system. So here’s three ways where you can rename files in windows in a matter of seconds. This guide is useful for Windows users and we will come up with articles for Linux and Mac users too soon!

How to Bulk rename files in Windows: The methods.

  1. Using Microsoft Windows Explorer:

Windows explorer has a quick way to rename bulk files at once, but it is well hidden. To rename multiple files, first put them in a separate folder.  Using columns at the top right area, select the order in which you want you view your files. Now, select all the files you want to rename, right click the first one and select rename. Type the base name that you want, For Eg ‘’Vacation” and enter.

how to bulk rename files in windows tutorial
How to bulk rename files in Windows: An example.

The other files will take the base name and add a number to each of the files. So now, the files will be named as Vacation 1, Vacation 2… Vacation ‘n’. Though the trick is quick and easy, but it’s not flexible because it renames the file as same name only. What if you want some more diversity in names?

  1. Command Prompt:

Once can use Rename or ren command to change name of multiple files at once using Command Prompt function. It recognizes one wild card character -*- to match same files. One can open a command window by using Shift + Right Click Folder+ select ‘’Open Command Window Here”.

Using this method you can change multiple file extensions at one go, which is not possible in windows explorer. Use the following command

ren *.html *.txt

You can always switch the extension type while conversion.

  1. Power Shell

Out of all, Power shell is the most flexible one to rename files in your system. To use power shell, you need one command- Commandlet. After this, two other commands that you need are Dir and Rename-Item.

Once you launch power shell, use cd-command to enter to enter the folder location where your files are. Once done, use the following command

Dir | Rename-Item –NewName { $_.name –replace “ “,”_” }

Replace ‘’ ‘’ and ‘’_”’parts to replace other characters of the file name.

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