How to find quality Stone Exporter/importer?

Good quality stone is the foundation of any solid and beautiful structure. No matter what the design style used and what the structure is all about, if the stone is of good quality then many other flaws are covered up. But in these competitive times it has become quite difficult to find good quality stone exporters/importers. Natural stone suppliers are found in almost every area all over the world, to choose the best quality natural stone you must first know the various types of natural stone available in the market. Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic are the available types. Most sedimentary stones are made from Calcium deposits, that too Calcium carbonate.

To choose from various stone exporter/importers available  in your are you must know what parameters to look for in the stone.

Take care of following things while finding a stone exporter/importer :

  1. Years of service: Experience plays a huge factor when choosing where to buy your stone from. Because the money involved is significant and choosing the wrong stone for your dream home or construction project could prove to be both frustrating and less economical in the long run, so always go for big or trusted names. Don’t fall prey to advertising and buy only from those who have good worth of mouth image i.e. buy from the stone exporter/importer who is the preferred choice of most people in your area.
  2. Availability of material: Always buy from the stone exporter/importer who has sufficient material available in their own local shops, and those who have a significant supply of natural stone and other stone that you might need. Getting locked in a deal with a stone supplier who doesn’t have enough supplies would be frustrating for you in the long run, because once you pay the amount you have to bear the delays caused by them if they have inadequate supplies. Always choose those stone exporter/importers who have got a solid background and who have their own connections and sources to procure stone from. Talking about availability of material another thing that comes to my mind is the next point.
  3. Actual in depth Knowledge and specialization: The stone exporter/importers who are the industry leaders are the ones with the greatest expertise in their repsective field, they know what stone they are selling, whom they are selling to and they can also guess which stone would suit which kind of project. A stone exporter/importer who develops his own stone would actually know what you need and will help you in the most convenient manner without showing the panic levels of the sales executive type stone sellers. When you actually set out for buying stones in the market most of the stone sellers or suppliers you will encounter would be the ones who are just in the business for tricking people, beware of bullshit people and the third grade stone they try to sell you.
  4. Budget and adequate pricing: Depending upon your budget and the requirements of your project things may vary greatly, suppose you have a less budget and you want to get our whole house’s look uplifted then you would have to settle for stone which may not have that good finish but is strong enough to bear years of abuse and wear and tear. In such a scenario you would not be able to immediately go to a big stone exporter/importer and demand for the best quality stone from them. It would be a compromise of quality over money. Finding out stone sellers who give natural stone on fair rates is essential to a good stone buying experience. Often buying from big labels or big stores is a harrowing experience, this is essentially because of the fact that such dealers don’t make their own stone and act as the middle men and try to extract as much profit as possible. So they increase the prices to sustain their own profits. If possible one should always seek to buy directly from the stone maker i.e. the manufacturer, this eliminates the risk of being defrauded and increases the trust factor and transparency. You can consult your friends or previous clients of any stone exporter/importer who you wish to buy from. Always try to find a sweet spot between price and quality, that way you won’t regret after buying your stone.

Apart from the above factors always look out for stores/ sellers with long track record and if possible always get a review from existing users for their feedback on the services provided and the quality of the stone product being sold.

Never go for a stone exporter/importer if you feel that their after sales support is not good enough. You may require finishing works, maintenance and other stuff to be done and if the supplier isn’t helpful then it would become one hell of a job.

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How to find quality Stone Exporter/importer?

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