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Who doesn’t like the idea of working from the comfort of their own home. It’s actually a pretty comforting idea of being in the confines of your own home and enjoying that warm sip of coffee and sitting on your chair and working. No boss over your head screaming orders, no unreal pressures and coercion. The one benefit of work from home jobs is that it can be done by young moms, kids who have holidays, college students and almost anybody who is willing to get their hands dirty doing some real work. Now considering that you are such a person and you wish to search for such a job what would you do?
If you were a person like us, then you would simply fire up your browser and search for “how to find work from home jobs”. Though this method seems a bit good but in the end it would lead to you being scammed and defrauded by some cheap online trick to teach you how to get a good work from home job.

Who are the people in need of work from home jobs :

  • Work from home moms. They are the ones who search the most for such job opportunities as they are always on the lookout for some cash to earn while taking care of their kids and meeting daily responsibilities.
  • Physically challenged people. If you can’t go out all the time and work like the others, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful and well known in life. You can work on making a good life by working from home, and their are many successful examples of this.
  • College going students who need some extra cash. We have seen some college going students going really nuts over the lack of money and all that frustration due to failures in dating. Trust us, one work from home job and your life will be a lot different.
  • The retired population. Now you are no longer in action but it does not imply that you can not earn some cash and live with respect.
  • Normal people with an internet connection who want to cash in on the dotcom bubble. Well there are always some general folks on the lookout for some serious cash and a work from home job is the best solution for those people.

The very idea of generating sustainable cash from home and making a living out of your work from home job is very lucrative. But beware of scams and fraudsters. There are so many work from home jobs scams out there that you would die filtering out the legitimate from the illegitimate.

But trust us, because we at Inspire2rise are here to guide you, motivate you and help you make the most of your time. So here’s our list of top ten work from home jobs and also of some interesting ways on how to find really good work from home jobs.

work from home jobs requirements

The top ten work from home jobs : The countdown.

    1. Web Developer/Website designer : So they told you that the future is on the web and you didn’t listen to them. Seriously, web development is one of the hottest fields right now and with all the latest startups and companies being launched only with the target of ruling the web, it’s only going to get better. The need for designers who can work with HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Jquery and build mobile responsive sites and web apps is too much. People with more advanced development skills in Ruby and Rails, Python and other web based platforms are in demand. A good designer can charge upto 1000$ for just a single project. So it is a really hot field to be in right now.
    2. Freelance writer/editor : The content industry and web publishing industry has gone berserk on the amount of content being published. But the demand won’t die down anytime soon so those who have good writing skills can use their language skills to the full potential and find a good work from home job which pays good.
    3. Virtual Assistant : A virtual assistant is someone who is fluent in a field and can use his/her skills or expertise in solving the problems of others via real time communication. Such a job can be useful in a way that you can be useful to others in any field that you have knowledge in. Such a virtual assistant can help in stuff ranging from administrative tasks to scheduling and event planning.
    4. Medical transcription provider: Medical transcription providers are in vogue these days. They are in high demand because of their ability to understand all kinds of doctors, they can understand their speaking styles and can provide exact medical advice as dictated by the doctor which is often incomprehensible for the normal person.
    5. Language Translator: A language translator can help people in understanding different languages and can even help in remote assistance for people using different languages.
    6. Travel Agent: In a world full of people who are scamming each other a good work from home travel agent is something that everybody needs. A home based travel agent if properly executes a planned business strategy then the upside can of up to more than $100,000 per year. So this is something big.
    7. Teacher: What better way to change the world than teach people something good. Everyone these days is on the lookout for a good teacher who can help them study online. If you are a teacher with a specific skill set and know how to properly market yourself then even six figure incomes aren’t hard to achieve. You can start from sites like Geteducated.com and try finding such jobs on search engines too.
    8. Business owner: If you own an online business of your own and are ready to make a product to sell to others online then you can gain a lot of money in the long term. But the downside is that it might take a lot of time and initial investment to start a successful business. Firstly you need to have an amazing product idea then you need to market it good, then build a user base and lastly monetize it in order to earn good money.
    9. Work from home software engineer: Software engineers working from home can code for companies who need to outsource their work and thus they can contribute and earn good money by this method. Though it might require long and unfixed working hours.


  • Analyst and Survey researchers: Analysts who can shovel out useful information from large heaps of data are much in demand these days. Such jobs require one to have a good understanding of patterns and ability to process huge amounts of information.
    Survey researchers are those who do online surveys and become a part of large demographic of sample data and are paid good according to the level of work that they do.

Now that you know about the top 10 work from home jobs it’s time to know more about how you need to stay aware of the defrauders and scams running out there. You need to find sources which are credible enough and hiring only trusted people. Apart from that you also need to build a name for yourself online so that more people can find you and you can get more working opportunities.

So guys several work from home opportunities are out there, and they are waiting for you. Go get them.

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