How to Improve GTA 5 Performance on Windows Explained

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How to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows?

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released this year (2015) for the PC platform and since then it’s been one of the favorite games of many PC gamers. I too spend a lot of my free time (which is almost scarce these days) playing this game. Nothing beats stress like just walking around Los Santos city and stealing people’s cars and driving all over them.

But still, this experience is limited to people who have a lot of money to spend on good systems or have a really decent laptop. This makes the whole point of having such a great game readily accessible really worthless.

So guys today on Inspire2rise we will tell you how to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows, the game is pretty heavy. When fully extracted it sits north of 68 GB which is a really huge size. In this post, we will tell you software as well as hardware-related ways to improve your GTA 5 performance on your PC or Laptop.

How to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows guide

Hardware Tips on how to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows

Hardware upgrades are a sure shot way to improve the gaming performance and to increase the FPS of GTA 5 on your system. I had a 4 GB RAM on my laptop and recently upgraded it to 8 GB. Now I find less skipping of frames and overall gameplay is much smoother. So here’s a list of all the upgrades you can do in order to boost your gaming performance.

  • Memory upgrade. Increase the amount of available RAM by buying additional memory modules. But don’t forget to check how much maximum amount of RAM your system supports.
  • Processor upgrade. This is one of the most difficult things but can surely have the greatest impact on your gaming performance. Do check your Motherboard details online to find out which is the best processor supported by that particular model.
  • Upgrade your hard disk. In case you have a hard disk with low rotation speed (RPM) then you can upgrade it for better performance. Even better would be to use an SSD to improve the gaming performance. Solid State drives have really fast access times and read/write times but they are costly. A 256 GB SSD by Transcend costs around 120$ plus (prices keep changing online).
  • Get a better graphics card. This is the most obvious thing that you can do in order to boost performance. But in the case of most laptops, this can’t be done as they don’t come with the option to upgrade your GPU apart from using the internal GPU provided by default on the laptop.

These were all of the hardware upgrades that had a definitive impact on the in-game performance while playing GTA 5. But all these ways involve the expenditure of money. Now we will tell you the software methods regarding how to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows.

Software Tips for improving GTA 5 performance on Windows

There are a lot of reasons why this game or any other game is not running at its peak performance on your system. We will tell you all of those methods that will help you to achieve noticeable frame rate gains for gameplay.

  • Switch your battery profile mode to “High Performance” mode if you are gaming on your laptop. Right-click on the battery icon in the taskbar, go to “Power options” and then select High-performance mode. By doing so, you’ll ensure your system isn’t throttling performance to save energy.
    Power plan for better performance while playing gta 5
  • Keep your GTA 5 installed files in a different partition than your system partition. This speeds up the access time but only by a minor degree.
  • When you start the game after the initial screen press Alt + tab and return to Windows. Now open up Task Manager. End the process “GTA 5 launcher.exe”, set the priority of the process “Explorer.exe” to below normal, and set the priority of the process “GTA 5.exe” to High priority or Real-time.
    How to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows using software tricks
  • In the “Game settings” lower your resolution, and set everything to normal or off in order to have better in-game performance. There’s always a trade-off between visual quality and performance. You have to lower down everything to a playable level where you enjoy the gameplay yet the graphics don’t look displeasing to you.
  • If you have a Nvidia Graphics card then go to the Nvidia settings panel and set the graphics settings to “Performance” rather than the “Balanced” or the “Quality” settings.

Additional tips and tricks for Boosting GTA 5’s Performance on Windows:

To get the most out of your gaming experience, follow these practical tips to enhance GTA 5’s performance on your Windows machine.

  • Begin by updating your graphics drivers to ensure that they’re current and optimized for gaming.
  • Next, adjust the in-game graphics settings to lower the load on your GPU.
  • Consider disabling VSync to remove limitations on your framerate and explore using DirectX 11 for improved performance.
  • Don’t forget to close unnecessary programs in the background to further free up system resources.
  • Additionally, take charge of startup programs by disabling those that aren’t essential. Use the Task Manager or specialized tools to streamline your PC’s boot process.
  • Clean up temporary files periodically, including cache and Internet temp files, through the Disk Cleanup utility.
  • Lastly, examine tailor-made optimization software like Razer Cortex, GameBoost, or CCleaner to fine-tune your rig for maximum gaming enjoyment.

So guys and gals these were a few of the software as well as the hardware tips we know that will help you to improve GTA 5 performance on Windows. In case you know more then do share them with us, A better game-play experience is something that everyone deserves!

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How to Improve GTA 5 Performance on Windows Explained

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