How to Memorialize a Facebook Profile of Deceased Person?

Losing your loved ones is a heartbreaking event. None of us want to experience that pain ever even though this is the ultimate truth of life. Though I’ve been lucky enough to not experience any personal tragedies so far, still I’ve seen the pain that it causes after losing a friend of a friend.

I came to know about this through his profile on social networking giant Facebook where messages were pouring on his timeline from family and friends about how the tragedy struck them. But what was depressing was that his profile was still available publicly, he was there in my People You May Know list, apps, bday reminders, and all. Though it was not much of an issue maybe after some months when we’ll be finally able to move on from his memories, these things might just remind us of everything.

So I decided to memorialize his account on Facebook so that it may not appear everywhere and make us sad. So here I’m telling you, How to Memorialize your Facebook profile, though I really hope from my heart that you don’t have to.

But the first thing I would like to tell you is that you can 2 things with a deceased person’s profile. You can either memorialize it or delete it altogether. And there is very much difference between removing a deceased person’s profile or memorializing your friend’s profile who is no more in this world.

Memorializing something means honoring or remembering for a long time time. In the same way, you can memorialize a deceased person’s profile on Facebook to honor their privacy and to maintain their legacy. Removing someone’s profile means deleting it from the public forever so that no one can see that data or profile.

How to memorialize a Facebook profile: Points to note.

So now come on topic and first, let’s see what happens when we decide to memorialize a deceased profile on Facebook. There are some important points regarding it,
1.No access to the account anymore: While you can see the profile info and other stuff through your timeline Facebook won’t allow you to log into a memorialized account, so you cannot access the inbox. Once you memorialize an account, you cannot modify it in any way like adding or removing friends or pages, adding, modifying photos, or deleting any pre-existing content or stuff posted by the deceased person.

2. Access to the timeline for posting: However, the friends already added to the profile can share posts on the deceased person’s wall depending upon their privacy settings.

3. Inbox: You can still send private messages to the deceased person’s profile though this will become pointless because no one is going to read them but still, if there was something you always wanted to tell them then you can.

4. Content: The content shared by the deceased person like photos and posts remains on Facebook and is still visible to the audience who were previously allowed.

5. Public Appearance: The primary feature of memorializing a deceased person’s profile is that The Memorialized Timelines will no longer appear in the public as in suggestions for friends or People You May Know or even in birthday reminders etc.

6. Groups and Pages: Groups that solely belong to the deceased profile can be memorialized now can choose a new admin or admins while the pages with sole administration will be deleted from Facebook.

As far as removing the deceased person’s profile is concerned, it will be permanently deleted leaving no data or traces behind.

Now that you know both, it’s your choice whether to memorialize the account or remove the account from Facebook. I will explain the process in its entirety so that you can choose the appropriate option as per your own choice.

How to Memorialize a Deceased Person’s Facebook profile?

You can Click here to visit the Facebook link and fill out that form as shown in the image here.

How to memorialize a Facebook profile or remove it
How to memorialize a Facebook profile or remove it.

You should try and fill in all the options marked in that form. When you’re done with it, you can click the ‘Send’ button.

One thing important here is that you should submit proof of death like a link to an obituary news which was published in the newspaper.

You also need to submit an email ID that is connected to that particular Facebook account. But If you don’t know the email ID, you can submit the deceased person’s Facebook email ID which goes something like:

However, I’m not sure whether this ID will work or not. But you can try it if you don’t know the email id.

[GUIDE] How to memorialize a Facebook profile or remove it

How to memorialize a Facebook profile: Point to remember.

If you don’t have proof of the death of the person like a link to an obituary news for memorializing the account, then you can submit the death certificate or the deceased person’s birth certificate, or proof of authority by clicking on another link here.

In this second form, you have to select the option ‘Please memorialize this account’ under the question ‘How can we help you?’.

So you see, till now, we have seen about memorializing deceased person’s account. Now we will see how to remove a deceased person’s account.

How to Remove a Deceased Person’s Profile from Facebook?

You have to click here and fill out this second form as shown in the image here.

Special Request for Deceased Person's Account to remove it
How to memorialize a Facebook profile: How to remove a deceased person’s profile.

Now you need to Select the option ‘Please remove this account ‘ under the question ‘How can we help you?’.

You will need to fill in all the options in that form and then click ‘Send’. (Edit- Facebook is  now allowing for the automatic memorializing of profiles in some cases, must be a glitch.)

In this way, you can memorialize or remove a deceased person’s profile from Facebook. Still, I hope you never have to do this but if you have some doubts regarding memorializing the profile then you can ask me in the comments below.

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How to Memorialize a Facebook Profile of Deceased Person?

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