How to Open Classic File Explorer in Windows 11 Without Complex Steps

Open the classic File Explorer in Windows 11 effortlessly with this simple method. No registry hacks or third-party software needed.

Despite its sleek design, Windows 11 retains a lot of legacy code. Some users find the new File Explorer sluggish. If you prefer the old version but don’t want to downgrade to Windows 10, here’s a simple method to open it without registry hacks or third-party software.

To launch the classic File Explorer in Windows 11:

  1. Press Win + R, type “control,” and press Enter to open the Control Panel.
  2. Click the upward arrow next to the address bar to access the classic File Explorer, which is free of modern tabs or WinUI redesigns.

Alternatively, open the Start menu and launch “Windows Tools.” If you’re using dark mode, the folder appearance might be unusual. Click anywhere in the navigation pane or use the address bar to navigate to other folders.

win 11 old file explorer 1

Users can run both the new and old versions simultaneously for efficiency or comparison. Opening the old version in Windows 11 restores the classic right-click menu, but only for the current window.

win 11 old file explorer 2

Microsoft continues to improve the new File Explorer, but many users still experience errors and lag.

In contrast, Windows 10’s File Explorer is smooth, responsive, and stable.

With Windows 10 support ending in about a year, if the new File Explorer is your only hesitation in upgrading, you can now upgrade without worry.

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How to Open Classic File Explorer in Windows 11 Without Complex Steps

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