How to Slow Down Time : The Bullshit Guide

The title of this post seems like something a person would write after having lots of booze or 4-5 cups of coffee. Trust me we had neither of those here at Inspire2rise. This post was written by sober and clean individuals who were not within a 10-mile radius of any high-giving substance. How to slow down time: The bullshit guide, yeah that’s the title of this post. Let’s discuss why this title. In the past few days, I have been trying to find life hacks that could be useful for me to increase my productivity. During the course of my thought process and attempts to find a long-lasting solution, I stumbled upon something strange.

When I was walking on the road without paying attention to anything like the external stimuli, or my own footsteps or breath everything seemed to move by too fast. I thought my brain was skipping frames. 😛

Then later that day I tried to find out more about this and found out on the internet that when our brain and nervous system is under stress or adrenaline hormone is secreted in large amounts in our body then the perception of time seems slowed down and everything seems to slow down.

But the exact opposite occurs when we are not moving for long or not paying much attention to our surroundings and then the brain skips most of the data being received through our eyes. This creates a feeling of skipping frames. To further investigate the impact of this phenomenon on myself I took a personal challenge.

How to slow down time guide: The challenge.

DAY 1 :

On this day I slouched the whole day long and did nothing significant. Just woke up, did my daily chores, and ate. Watched a movie, ate, and then slept. My day went by too fast. ( In my perception. ) Although it was the same 24 hours as everybody else on the planet for some strange reason I felt that my watch went by unexpectedly fast throughout the day.

Reading now - How to slow down time : The bullshit guide.

DAY 2 :

On this day I woke up at 5 am in the morning and after that, I went running, due to the nice weather and fewer people on the street I was able to complete this successfully for a large distance. This activity increased my heartbeat and a general feeling of being light on my feet.

By 7 am I had bathed and done all of my stuff and had my breakfast and was ready on my computer to do the stuff I needed to do. ( Usual blogging stuff. Breathe, write, breathe again write, make backlinks, breathe, write. And much more stuff. )

The feeling of being too fast lasted for 1-2 hours and by 9 am I was wondering if I had done so much work and only 2 hours had passed. But this didn’t last for long and by 10 am I was back to normal mode and my brain stopped working in a snap.

“Now was the time to test whether I found a new productivity hack or not.”

I got up from my workstation and ate a banana with a glass of milk. Strolled around for 20 minutes to let my system do the work, then I did some 20-30 push-ups and a few pull-ups and then ran up and down my stairs for 5 minutes. My heart was up and running again. I could feel the heartbeat good this time.

The test continued and the effects lasted for another 3 hours. At 1 pm I had my lunch and then took a power nap of 1 hour. After sleeping well enough it was time to get my system pumped up again. I ate half a packet of Marie biscuits ( the light ones ) and then repeated the previous crazy physical routine.

Reading now - How to slow down time : The bullshit guide.

I tried and tested this whole thing to get more than 10 hours of high productivity time in my whole day.

LESSONS LEARNED from How to Slow Down time guide :

  • how to slow down time improve perception
    How to slow down time : Increase physical activity to improve perception.

    To strengthen your perception of increased time always wake up early.

  • To further increase productivity throughout the day keep doing physical activity in short intense bouts.
  • Never stay stagnant in one position or place for more than 1 hour.
  • Don’t ignore sleep, sleep a minimum of 7 hours every night. ( On day 3 of this activity I slept less because I got over-excited, which resulted in a drop in productivity levels.)

Always think of your body as a complex and delicate machine whose usage can be maximized if you follow the right steps. Stay inspired to rise fellas, More motivational and inspirational posts coming soon.

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How to Slow Down Time : The Bullshit Guide

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