How to View HEIC Images on Windows Without Any Software

Apple is known for being at the forefront of innovation, or at least bringing tried and tested stuff to their products! Pun intended. Sometimes they change a few things which makes the overall process of using their products a really difficult one.

For example, the first time they removed the headphone jack it was a real pain, and still, many companies try to follow suit, and that makes things harder for general 3.5mm headphone users all over the world.

Again with the launch of the new iPhone and iOS 11, they introduced a few changes that are not being well received by a lot of users.

There’s now a new file format being used by Apple known as HEIC for storing images in iPhones and that has made life difficult for a lot of users.

By default, there are no programs for HEIC viewing in Windows and there’s no native support in any of the applications.

Similarly, any HEIC to JPEG converter is hard to find. So in this post here are the methods to convert your HEIC images to JPEG images and a plugin that will help you view HEIC images natively in your Windows system.

The most simple method to do this is to disable HEIC right away in your iPhone, This will take up more space for images but this is the easiest way to avoid hassles.

You can simply go to the Camera menu in your iPhone’s main Settings, then select “Formats.” Here, there will be two options: High Efficiency and Most Compatible.

use jpeg not heic on iphone

Choose the Most Compatible option, that’s for JPEG images and you don’t have to worry about a thing again. But if you have already taken quite a few images in HEIC and have no choice but to use that format then you can read the rest of this guide!

The first method covers how to view HEIC images in Windows without using additional software. All you need to do is to download OpenTrans HEIC plugin and install it. This will give your default Windows software like Image Viewer etc. the ability to view HEIC.

The second method involves the conversion of HEIC files to JPEG. There are two methods to do this, First you can send the files as attachments in an email via the default mail app on your iPhone and that should do the trick.

If the above trick doesn’t work then you can install the DropBox app on your iPhone/Desktop. It also does HEIC to JPG conversions and makes things a lot easier!

If you just want to view the images you can also upload them to Google Drive and then use Google Drive on your desktop to view them!

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How to View HEIC Images on Windows Without Any Software

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