HP Connected Music Review : Musical Journey-Indiblogger Meet

Earlier being a blogger meant only getting whipped by mom at home, ridiculed by friends, society, and alike. Then come Indiblogger, with its freebies, cool tees, awesome community, and bloggers.

And voila, now I feel respected as a blogger. Just putting the t-shirt on and roaming with it in the college makes me feel like the Dark Knight, seriously! Hp connected music review will tell you the best and the shortcomings of this app by HP.

The Hp connected music experience: Before the Indiblogger meet

Every day is a normal day in the life of an Indian blogger. Unless, of course, it’s the day of an Indiblogger meet. So, as usual, the guy wakes up thinking it’s another lousy day. And then on checking his mail, that awesome moment comes when he realizes he will get to attend an awesome meet by Indiblogger at Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon.

So, the admin called his blogger friend Ashwani Kr. Singh from Iocreed.com got into a heated argument over what mode of travel would be the best. Finally, it’s settled and declared that we will go to the meet by bus, good ole DTC. So, I met my friend at Gurgaon Depot. Both of us were clueless about how to reach Hilton Garden Inn.

So, being the good lads we are, we started walking. When it dawned upon us, that the destination was 7 km away, we started running as an instinct rather than searching for an auto/something. [FACEPALM]

Our running conversation sample :

Ash : ” Hummphh Hummpphh…. Alexa badha ?”
Adi : ” Humpph humpph … haan bhai 2 lakh worldwide.”
Ash : ” Hummph humpph aur bata ?”
Adi : ” Tu bata, bhabhi badhiya ? ”
Ash :

hp connected music review no meme

Adi :

hp connected music review lol
” Samajh gaya.”

And finally, we arrived at the meeting.

The HP connected music experience: At the meet

The place, the ambiance, and the decor were superb. As we stepped in, we suddenly realized that we weren’t mere bloggers now. We were part of a community, a group that came not to test each other’s skills or boast about earnings.

But a group that focused on something more essential. The innate spirit of blogging. The curiosity to always learn new things and the unending drive to improve.
There were some pretty cool interviews. Mr. Prateek Shah or rather more affectionately Prateeksha 😛 made us all laugh to the core!

Unveiling of the Service: HP Connected Music review.

Hp connected music: HP has come up with a unique music streaming and downloading service in collaboration with Universal Music and Hungama.com. Now here’s  a detailed review for you :

HP Connected Music review: The PROS of the service.

1.) Online streaming without lag. Zero buffering or latency.

hp connected music review 2
2.) Sound with Beats audio. Now if you know the quality of Beats by Dre, then no further explanation is needed. High fidelity, zero distortion thumping sound which leaves you pleased.

3.) DRM-protected music. It helps the artists get paid for their days of sweating and hard work.

4.) Ability to download and play music offline on the go.

5.) High bit-rate CD quality stereo surround music which really puts you in the groove.

6.) No need to pay for tracks again and again. Music downloading for a million plus songs is free for one year after activation of the service.

hp connected music review 3
An ever-expanding music library at your fingertips!

HP Connected Music review: The CONS of the service.

1.) No native app for Windows 8 as of now. The app still relies on Internet Explorer to provide an interface. But we are expecting it to improve in the future iterations of HP-connected music service.

2.) DRM restricts music to one device i.e. your HP laptop. No copying to mobile devices.

3.) Although the music library is exhaustive still some artists are missing. We hope this too will be rectified soon in the future.

4.) Other alternatives are there. But it would be a matter of intense debate whether they offer the same or greater level of functionality or not.

On a more personal note: After the service review.
For the virtue of being a music lover and composer myself, I got cool HP headphones. Yippee!
You can listen to some of my compositions here: Satyamev Jayate, Lakh ki Chudiyan, Dying everyday etc.
In the end Anoop sir gave away the prizes to the winners, two cool HP laptops. Two more are left to be won.

Write a review for HP-connected music now! You might have a chance if you have a nice Hp connected music review.

DISCLAIMER: The views of the writer are genuine. Haven’t been paid a cent for it. Would be glad if someone did 😛

Inspire2rise.com is not affiliated with HP-connected music.  If you find any connection whatsoever regarding this HP Connected Music review, maybe it’s about the admin wanting to win a prize. 😉

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HP Connected Music Review : Musical Journey-Indiblogger Meet

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