HP Printers Stop Use of Third Party Cartridges Enforced via Software!

According to officials, HP printers have been programmed to disable the use of non-genuine ink cartridges due to safety concerns for users.

On May 14, Fast Technology News reported that HP had issued a warning to its printer users who used third-party ink cartridges. Since then, HP has taken a further step to ban the use of third-party ink cartridges by pushing a firmware update for its printers.

As a result, users who use third-party ink cartridges are unable to print normally. HP claims that the ban is necessary because third-party ink cartridges may pose a threat to hardware performance, print quality, and security. HP also plans to update its services regularly, such as providing reminders to users when the ink is low.

This firmware update has caused displeasure among many users who feel cheated by the mandatory use of official ink cartridges, which are often more than twice as expensive as third-party ink cartridges. It is worth noting that the Dynamic Security function, which restricts users from using non-original ink cartridges, was first introduced in some printers in 2016.

HP officials claim that this feature is intended to protect the quality of experience for customers, maintain the integrity of the printing system, and protect intellectual property.

In 2018, HP faced a class action lawsuit over the Dynamic Security feature and paid millions of dollars in damages. However, it seems that this has not deterred HP from restricting users’ choices through this feature, rendering the machine unusable and forcing users to use more expensive official ink cartridges.

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HP Printers Stop Use of Third Party Cartridges Enforced via Software!

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