Huawei Ark Compiler Source Code now available for download!

Ark Compiler’s source code officially launched!

According to Huawei’s official news, Huawei’s Ark compiler open-source official website has been officially launched today ( ), the source code is currently available for download.

According to the official website, the Ark compiler is a unified programming platform designed to support the joint compilation and operation of multiple programming languages ??and multiple chip platforms, including key components such as compiler, toolchain and runtime.

At present, the Ark compiler is still evolving, and the above capabilities are implemented and open source.

It is reported that the Ark compiler open-source code is part of the compiler framework source code, including compiler intermediate representation (IR) and language compilation implementation, while composing other binary components of the compiler, to achieve the compilation process of Java programs to aarch64 assembly instructions.

Developers can get relevant code and documentation for reference learning, understanding the architecture and code of the Ark compiler.

Huawei said that in the open-source world, we share technological progress and grow together with developers. We look forward to working with developers to help science and technology and continue to promote open innovation and openness.

It is known by now that Huawei Ark compiler provides a new system and application compilation and operation mechanism, from dynamic compilation to static compilation. The way it works is to directly compile high-level language directly into machine code, completely eliminating the overhead of virtual machine dynamic compilation. Thereby achieving compatibility between development and operational efficiency.

According to the test data of Huawei Labs, EMUI 9.1 had increased the system operation fluency by 24% and the system response performance by 44% after applying the Huawei Ark compiler to the system component System Server.

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In addition, the application compiled by the Ark compiler was completed during the development phase. As long as it is compiled by the compiler after the application is put online, the user downloads the compiled ones. If we take Sina Weibo Express Edition as an example application. After applying the Ark compiler, according to Huawei Lab test data, the operation fluency is increased by up to 60%.

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Huawei Ark Compiler Source Code now available for download!

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