Huawei high tech eyewear collection launched online!

Huawei launches an elegant and high-tech eyewear collection in collaboration with GENTLE MONSTER!

Huawei has launched its first of a kind smart glasses collection with the well-known eyewear brand GENTLE MONSTER at an online launch event.  GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear is a pair of novel smart glasses designed and launched by Huawei in cooperation with GENTLE MONSTER, a famous brand established by five South Korean founders dreaming to lead the fashion trend in April 2011.

Bold in style, bright in colour, fashionable in appearance, GENTLE MONSTER is not only stunning visually but also highlights users’ distinctive character.

Representing Huawei’s first step in the field of smart glasses, GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear (“Eyewear”) is inspired by its philosophy that the essence of smart glasses is a pair of easy-to-wear and fashionable glasses that makes information collection or interaction easier with the help of its unique smart functions.

GENTLE MONSTER is always devoted to a culture, science and fashion leader in the market, and yearns to bring consumers more enjoyable experience through visual innovation.

gentle monster burning planet project

Sunglasses, frames, clips and other products with classic appearance and bold design make GENTLE MONSTER more than a hot fashion brand. JACKBYE, EASTMOON, BLACK PETER, MA MARS … all get their name after a unique story, catching the eyes of young trendsetters for infinite imaginations they arouse.

gentle monster huawei eyewear

Sharing the same vision, HUAWEI and GENTLE MONSTER finally worked together to bring a fashionable yet high-tech smart wearing device that is presented in five classic designs. Huawei artistically integrates its cutting-edge technologies in small yet compact temples while brings Eyewear beautiful and harmonized appearance.

Smooth curve, exquisite shape

To keep temples compact and slim varies of components were loaded within the 4mm thickness temple, with enjoyable functional experience assured. Function buttons are all designed within the charging case, free the temples from any button and interface. Moreover, Eyewear supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof with simple and minimalism design.

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huawei eyewear

Artistically designed lens

All lens of Eyewear are made by Carl Zeiss, the world’s second-ranked German glass lens manufacturer that specializes in optical systems, industrial metering instruments and medical devices, and serves SONY, CANON and other camera brands. It attracts the eyes of customers for artistic craftsmanship, fewer errors, etc.

Sunglasses adopts FLATBA, the most innovative and symbolic design released by GENTLE MONSTER in 2017. Replacing traditional lens cutting and inlaying with innovative processing techniques, it helps to match lens seamlessly with the frame. Putting FLATBA to a higher level in 2019, GENTLE MONSTER adds exquisite trunk-nail on the face to present a brand new fashionable frame design.

2020 New FLATBA, to be more fashion

FLATBA is further upgraded in 2020. New Smart MY MA 01 is inspired by square NEW FLATBA sunglasses out of its 2020 sunglasses series, with rounded yet neat lines. Smart HER 01 represents round Oversize FLATBA sunglasses with cat-eye style frame. Both designs feature bullet-shaped trunk-nails on both sides of surfaces and efficient UV protection. Unique bullet-shape design and neat lines make the glasses even more fashionable.

High-end yet durable plates

High-end yet durable cellulose acetate fibre is successfully applied for Eyewear after up to 80 processes. Thanks to the unique and superior nature of cellulose acetate fibre, all the parts share the same colour even after repeated polishing. Its gloss repair effect can even reach up to 99%.

Functions of Eyewear

Stereo Sound

huawei eyewear flatba

The eyewear features a dual-speaker design with semi-open speakers for superior sound field performance, clearer sound and rich spatial layering. Precise directional design of the sound chamber allows the sound from the speaker to form a directional beam that is directly transmitted to the wearer’s ear, greatly reducing the leakage of sound.

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Intelligent noise reduction, crystal clear communication

Eyewear adopts linear beam noise reduction technology with a single-sided dual microphone on its slim temple, which can effectively reduce the interference of environmental noise thanks to AI voice noise reduction technology, helping users get enjoyable and clear communication.

huawei eyewear microphone design

One microphone captures environment noises and the other collects voice. Reversal processing of noise collected matches voice captured, minimising noise during communication.

Non-contact wireless charging

Exquisite light and portable leather case for Eyewear houses all functions of charging and pairing, without any interface on glasses itself. Brand new NFC charging technology makes charging much easier – users can put their glasses in the charging case for automatic charging.

huawei eyewear wireless charging

Different from existing Qi protocol, NFC makes charging scope even wider to minimize the influence of location deviation, making charging much easier and even possible to charge two temples at a time.

Large capacity, ultra-long endurance

A single charging can support over 2.5 hours’ continuous call/ music playing. This figure can even be extended to 8 hours thanks to 2200mAh case with built-in battery.

Humanized greeting

In each predefined period, the first time the users wear their glasses, they will have a humanized greeting from the right temple. Eyewear will automatically remind users of their flight and train schedule after connecting with a smartphone, enabling them to be on time at all occasions (only smartphones with EMUI10.0 or above are supported).

A variety of smart sensors make the glasses possible to detect the wearing status, which makes it easy to remove the glasses to pause the music playback and wear the glasses to automatically resume playback within 15s.

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Open and connect, clear battery life display

Eyewear automatically connects when the case is opened, allowing users to easily know the battery life. (Only EMUI 9.1 or above supported.)

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Huawei high tech eyewear collection launched online!

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