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HUAWEI Sound X speakers specifications and details, launched!

A Premium Dual-Subwoofer Speaker, Tailored to Perfection by Devialet!


Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the launch of its premium speaker, Sound X at a global launch event of Huawei’s flagship P40 series.  Sound X has a joint design with Devialet, a top-3 global audio brand that enjoys unique recognition, due to its reputation for premium High-Fidelity products, and has played an indispensable role in the development of professional acoustic technology. Huawei Sound X has a frequency range of 40Hz to 40kHz, with a RAM of 512 MB and 8GB ROM.

Vivid Colors, Transcendent Beauty

The RGB tri-colour indicator on the top of the speaker utilises a guided light structure that blends the emitted light with its surroundings, to craft an exquisite look that is easy on the eyes. In contrast to the generic circular lighting on products such as Apple’s HomePod, the gradient ring-shaped lighting on HUAWEI Sound X enriches its environment with a kaleidoscopic display that is evocative of the Northern Lights.




See, Hear, and Perceive the Vibrating Dual Subwoofers

A defining design feature on HUAWEI Sound X is its open, visible bass unit. When music is played, the sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate, creating a lasting visual impression to pair with the emotional resonance of the song.

HUAWEI Sound X’s runway-style sound holes put air molecules in motion when the speaker vibrates, and also help clear the speaker of any dust that would otherwise accumulate. The product comes with a premium cleaning cloth as well, for hassle-free cleaning when required.

Devialet’s all-consuming goal is to apply new technology to make immersive, distortion-free Hi-Fi audio universally accessible, by bypassing magnetization saturation and the noise floor.

Thanks to over a decade of relentless R&D, Devialet has made some extraordinary technological breakthroughs, resulting in a soaring volume/performance ratio, thunderous power, and background noise suppression, for distortion-free sound even at maximum volume levels, and low-pitched vibrations that can be felt in the listener’s bones. Notably, the Devialet Premier and Reactor series are known for their unique advantages with regard to ultra-low distortion and saturation, as well as for approaching 0 dB of background noise.

Huawei-Devialet Joint Design

From phonographs to digital recorders, vinyl records to online music streaming, or traditional playback to Bluetooth speakers, audio technology has been the source of abundant and continuous innovation. Huawei has embraced the challenge of developing the next listening paradigm, to pair soaring user demands for premium sound quality with effortless use in daily life. HUAWEI Sound X is the fruit of these efforts, a pioneering technical collaboration with audio giant Devialet, which leverages each company’s unique strengths for greater range from low to high frequencies, absorbing listeners in an all-encompassing tapestry of sound, and unleashing tremendous power from within a tiny form.

Bolstered by the inventive SAM® technology and the distinctive Push-Push structure, HUAWEI Sound X generates high-fidelity audio in all conditions, providing for breakthrough Bluetooth speaker capabilities.

Bluetooth speakers are usually designed with the goal of enhancing the exterior visual aesthetics, which inevitably limits the size and undermines low-frequency sound quality. HUAWEI Sound X, however, defies convention by equipping itself with 8 speakers that deliver 144Watts of Max. overall transient power, as well as authentic, studio-grade audio that fills a room until it resonates. The speaker submerges the listener in sound, without intruding on the environment.

The bass packs a wallop, hitting amplitudes of up to 20 mm, which allows users to see, hear and feel the vibrations at a deeper level.

The design for HUAWEI Sound X forms features a sleek black body, for a robust sound that seems to emanate from a bottomless well. The main portion of the body was crafted through the use of an advanced non-conductive vacuum electroplating process, to create a smooth surface that is as bright and transparent as that on a mirror. The listening experience is reminiscent of attending a performance at a concert hall, with a taut sound field that immerses the listener in every single tone. The coating on HUAWEI Sound X utilises a special insulated structure that ensures quality signal reception and transmission while enhancing audio quality without weakening high-frequency performance.

The speaker is coated with premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate material, to protect the product when it needs to be moved, while also furnishing a unique exterior design. This layout provides for optimal performance from all of the components, and flawlessly balances competing for demands for a compact and lightweight body, aesthetic exterior, and uncompromising sound quality.

The lower portion of the speaker comes equipped with a seamless cover that facilitates free and transparent sound transmission, while providing dust-proof and splatter-proof capabilities, for durable use in diverse conditions.

huawei sound x speakers 

Additional Features

Most traditional speaker units tend to shake at higher volume levels, which degrades audio quality. To address this issue, HUAWEI Sound X adopts a symmetrical Push-Push acoustic design for its dual subwoofers. Each subwoofer cancels out the back wave vibrations from the other while superimposing the sound energy from both, thereby suppressing noise and distortion at all volume levels, while projecting sound that is larger than life. The dual subwoofers deliver up to 93 dB sound pressure level (SPL), at twice than HomePod. In addition, premium materials that are significantly more impact-resistant than plastic, are used to seal the product. This means that even when the walls are shaking, the Sound X remains as cool as a cucumber.

Sound X is fitted with six powerful full-frequency tweeters, which are evenly distributed in a ring shape. Sound X provides for endless immersion amidst a lush 360° sound field. Its high frequency extends to 40 kHz that bring richer treble sound details.

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