Fun and Practical Ideas for the ‘Before 21 Bucket List’!

20’s are usually synonymous with adulthood. With adulthood come new responsibilities and more pressure than you imagined. Before you know it you are stuck in a job somewhere with someone at home waiting for you and your life unfolds by itself. You need to take some time off to know who you really are! Don’t keep making mental Bucket List, go ahead and do stuff! YOLO, right?

Before you get into the trap of growing up, discover yourself! There are some definitive things that one should do before they turn 21:

The definitive Before 21 Bucket List

Take a vacation

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 3

Wander alone somewhere and feel the independence and freedom that comes along with it. Explore a place you always wanted to go.

Don’t keep your travel bucket list for later. Backpacking Europe for 3 months or exploring the Indian railways, all will be difficult once you have a full-time job. This is the phase when you probably have more time than money. Make the most of it!

Make every weekend Count

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Make your weekends more than just not sleeping or partying. The time you have now is a blessing, value it. Learn a new skill or pursue a forgotten hobby. You can even learn a new language. It always keeps your mind engaged and broadens your perspective.

Make every Sunday count by cooking for yourself take up tutoring or anything that makes your weekend just not about being lazy. You have all your life to be that!

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Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 2

I cannot stress the importance of this point. Sometimes reading is the best way to kill time. Make a Bucket List of books you want to read! Carry a book wherever you go. Explore the world of books.

There are so many extraordinary people telling their stories. So many interesting plots created in fiction. Broaden your horizons by reading a variety of genres.

Save money and buy something you always wanted

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 1

Did you ever want a watch you could never buy? Or did you want to shop at a certain store you wouldn’t dare enter without your parent’s credit card? Start saving up, especially for that one thing you always wanted and when you buy it, you will feel in control.

This is by far the most difficult thing to do, I say so because I have always wanted to buy a Casio Edifice watch for myself, and every time I save up the money for that, I always end up feeling it can be spent elsewhere. And before you know it, you are again short of money to buy it.

Keep a Diary/Scrapbook/Blog

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 5

Record the most important moments online or in your personal diary. Don’t keep secrets from yourself. Learn to share stories with yourself. Fifty or even five years from now, you will love reading your old memories.

Go Socializing alone

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 6

Everyone is busy on Thursday night but do you feel like dancing? Go ahead!

Go out for things you want to do alone? Don’t always wait for a company if you really feel like doing something. Get off Facebook and explore nearby. Being able to have fun with yourself will be your biggest asset!

Have an Online Pen Pal

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 7

This one could be tricky but trying it should be on every Bucket list. If it works out well then it can be the sort of thing that goes into your autobiography! Maybe find a friend with a mutual friend. Making friends online is always risky in this cyber world but with some precautions, it can be a joy!

If you are sure the person is real and genuine then you have a completely unbiased person with a different lifestyle you can vent out to who can give you so many different perspectives on situations you are in.

Learn how banks Work/Mutual Fund/Stock Market/Investments

Fun and Practical ideas for the Before 21 Bucket List 4

There are certain things that cannot be taught in school and in textbooks. Find out more about the things that will be useful to you later and don’t restrict yourself. You can learn so much by just being curious.

Ever curious about how they count cards in poker? Find out answers to all your questions. Instead of spending all your time on Facebook, watch interesting YouTube videos. do you know the color of the mirror is green?

Make mistakes, forgive yourself, and learn to move on

Had a little too much to drink? Had a night you can’t quite piece back together?

Fall for a guy who is just wrong for you? Kiss a stranger? Go ahead! Make the mistake and learn to move on! Learn to let go! The only person who can judge you is you!

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Fun and Practical Ideas for the ‘Before 21 Bucket List’!

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