Nokia 3310’s worthy successor, legend of the indestructible phone


The Nokia 3310 was a great phone. It’s legend of being nearly indestructible is still recounted with great fervor. Recently another incident came to light where in a man was saved by his smartphone from bullets.

The legend continues.


The Huawei P8 Lite is the smartphone which bears the legacy forward.

So what exactly happened which led to the discovery of the successor to the Nokia 3310?

On August 30 in South Africa, a man from Cape Town reported that a Huawei smartphone saved his life.

Siraaj Abrahams, is a middle aged man, he’s a father of five children.

He runs an automative and IT business. He was hit by a bullet which could have killed him, but his Huawei P8 lite in his chest pocket got hit and stopped the bullet right in its tracks.

Last year too a Huawei P7 saved its owner’s life in Guatemala.

Have modern smartphones evolved this much so as to stop bullets?

The answer is NO. But there are few manufacturers like Huawei, Apple and Samsung who have strict quality control procedures. Particularly manufacturers like Huawei have great build quality and offer great products with durability.

So it is now safe to say that the indestructible nature of the Nokia 3310 has been acquired by few modern smartphones, if not all!

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