India’s Historic Solar Exploration: First Solar Research Probe Launched, Marking the Nation’s Journey into the Sun

As per recent reports on September 2, shortly after the successful moon landing, India has embarked on its next mission: exploring the sun. On September 2, at 11:50 local time, India successfully launched its inaugural solar research probe, named “Aditya-L1” (Sun-Earth L1 Point or Helios-L1).

The launch took place from Sriharik Minar, and the probe’s primary objective is to conduct a comprehensive study of the sun.

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) revealed that the probe will travel a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, which roughly corresponds to 1% of the Earth-Sun distance.

The journey is expected to take approximately four months, ultimately reaching the Lagrange point of the sun-earth system, known as L1. From this halo orbit, the probe will have an unobstructed view of the sun, enabling detailed observations.

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Editor’s Note: In Hindu Religion, Aditya refers to the sons of Aditi, with Aditi being the mother of twelve sons from Rishi Kashyapa, one of the Seven Sages considered the progenitors of all creation. In modern times, Vivaswan is commonly associated with Aditya and is often used to refer to the Sun God.

Aditya, therefore, represents the sun god in Hinduism, also known as Surya. L1 denotes Lagrange point 1, which is the precise location where the Indian spacecraft is positioned between the sun and the Earth.

The European Space Agency, cited by the BBC, explains that a Lagrangian point is a location where the gravitational forces of two significant celestial bodies, such as the sun and the earth, balance each other, allowing spacecraft to “hover.”

Once the Sun-Earth L1 Point Sun probe reaches this designated location, it will maintain the same speed as Earth in its orbit around the sun.

This unique positioning also means that the satellite will require minimal fuel to operate efficiently.  

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India’s Historic Solar Exploration: First Solar Research Probe Launched, Marking the Nation’s Journey into the Sun

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