Instagram Will Now Let Users Ask Questions Via Stories

Some users are getting a new feature that will let them ask a question to their followers via stories!

Instagram is in the news for a while as it recently launched IGTV, launched an Instagram Lite app and now, something new is coming up. As per the latest reports, now Instagram users will be able to ask questions, to their followers via stories.

Till now, there was some sort of options where you could get the opinion of your followers via polls and emoji sliders. But now, you can ask direct questions. Android Police reported this first and as per the publication, some users reported this to them. Those users are probably part of the test and this feature may roll out to all users soon.

In this screenshot you can clearly see that the user has added a story with the text ‘Roast Me’ and there is a text field where his followers can write whatever they want. This opens up a possibility for professional uses of Instagram to an even higher extent so that brands can collect opinions and thoughts of users. There will be a separate icon for questions in the same menu where lies other options like Stickers, Poll etc.

Instagram Will Now Let Users Ask Questions Via Stories
As of now, it is not clear whether the responses would be anonymous or not, something like Sarahah which got viral due to that one feature. As of now, the responses collected from the Polls and Emoji Slider are not anonymous.

However, it is clear that Instagram is testing a lot of new things probably and we may see some of those being available to users. I tried to check whether this new feature has hit my Instagram or not as I am enrolled in the beta testing, but I could not find anything like that yet. Do check your Instagram and let us know if you have spotted anything new, under the comments section below.

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Instagram Will Now Let Users Ask Questions Via Stories

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