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Intel 11th-generation Core Rocket Lake desktop processor retail price leaked!

The next generation Intel Processors see a slight price increase!


At this week’s CES 2021 exhibition, Intel released more than 50 CPUs at once, involving four major processor families. For desktop processor market, there will be an 11th generation Core desktop version in Q1 this year, with the family code name Rocket Lake-S.

A few days ago, Belgian retailer 2Compute leaked all the SKUs and boxed prices of the 11-generation Core desktop models.

Compared with 2Compute’s 10th generation Core (Comet Lake-S) listed products, Core i9-11900K is 8.8% more expensive, Core i7-11700K is 14.4% more expensive, and Core i5-11600K is 3.9% more expensive.

intel 11th generation rocket lake s pricing leaks

In addition to Rocket Lake, it is said that Intel also has Comet Lake Refresh. Four models are listed on the shelves, namely Core i3-10305, Core i3-10105, Core i3-10105F, Pentium G6605 and Pentium G6405. The prices of the first two models are 6.8% and 4.5% higher respectively.

Of course, the price of these 10th generation Core CPUs is the current market price, the non-listed initial price, and the comparison data is for reference only.

intel 11th generation comet lake refresh pricing

According to Intel, the IPC performance of the 11th-generation Core Rocket Lake-S has increased by 19%, there’s an integrated Xe graphics display unit. The flagship model is Core i9-11900K. It has 8-core 16 threads, full core boost frequency of 4.8GHz and single-core boost frequency of 5.3GHz. It supports DDR4-3200 memory.

Compared with the 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X, it leads in FPS in atleast 7 popular games, ranging from 2% to 8%.

So guys are you excited about the next generation of Intel Processors? Or do you think it’s just a minor generational update over the past generation? Do let us know what you think about this latest update in the comments section below! Feel free to subscribe to Inspire2rise for more timely tech content and more!

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