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Intel’s 14th Generation Ultra Meteor Lake Mobile Processor Leaks Online!

intel core i5 new generation leaks

On July 22nd, there was a release of new information by the online leaker known as “Moore’s Law Is Dead” regarding Intel’s fourteenth-generation Core Ultra mobile processor Meteor Lake.

This individual claimed that the processors will soon enter Intel’s Production Release Qualification program, which is expected to occur within the next three months.

Additionally, the whistleblower predicted that the processor series would be available for launch in October, with a possible paper release in September.

Furthermore, the leaker stated that the first-generation Core Ultra mobile processor may eliminate the previously rumoured Adamantine L4 cache, or that only a few models would make use of it later.

The whistleblower’s previous reports in early July revealed that the model specification information of Intel’s Ultra 1st generation Core processor indicated a significant improvement in graphics capabilities.

Intel has internally referred to the graphics processing unit (GPU) as a “new leap” for low-power GPUs, boasting a new low-power graphics IP that increases graphics cores by 33% compared to the previous generation.

This new technology optimizes power consumption and chip area efficiency, and supports complete DX12 Ultimate API.

The specifications for the Core Ultra 1st generation processor, as reported by the leaker, are as follows: The highest specification for the 7W processor involves one large core and eight small cores, with a core display of up to 4Xe cores.

Meanwhile, the 9W processor’s highest specification involves two large cores and eight small cores, with a core display of up to 4Xe cores. The 15W processor boasts the highest specifications among all the processors, with four large cores and eight small cores, and a core display of up to 8Xe cores.

Similarly, the 28W processor has six large cores and eight small cores, with a core display of up to 8Xe cores. Lastly, the 45W processor with six large cores and eight small cores features a core display of up to 8Xe cores.  

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