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Latest leaks suggest Intel 7nm has been postponed again!

News reports say production capacity did not meet expectations!


For Intel, although a new CEO has come to power, their 7nm products have been postponed again, which is really embarrassing in a lot of ways.

According to a reputed tech publication Appleinsider’s report, former Intel CEO Bob Swan said in an interview that the company’s 7nm chip production will be postponed, and final mass production will be carried out at the end of 2022 or early 2033.

Bob Swan did not disclose the detailed reason but said that the current 7nm production found a defect, which seriously affected the corresponding mass production, but they are working on solving it.

intel 7nm postponed news

According to Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger) on the earnings call, the 7nm chip manufacturing process will be used for chips sold in 2023. This means that we are still quite far from seeing 7nm offerings by Intel. On the other hand, AMD is expected to bring 5nm+ chips soon! Intel has been working quite hard on milking the 14nm architecture via various iterations and most probably they would apply all that they have learned till date to perfect the 10nm architecture after this.

Pat Gelsinger said,

“I am pleased with the recovery and progress of the 7nm project. I believe that most of our products in 2023 will be manufactured in-house. At the same time, considering the breadth of the product portfolio, we may also see that our product technology expands the use of external chip foundries.”

Intel’s latest chips use a 14nm or 10nm process, while chip foundries such as TSMC and Samsung currently use a 5nm process. More refined manufacturing processes can accommodate more transistors per unit area, thereby increasing efficiency and bringing more powerful processors. So it’s about time that Intel works on a more refined manufacturing process. So guys, what are your opinions on the same? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Feel free to subscribe to our push notifications in order to receive more timely tech updates, leaks and much more! Stay Inspired to rise!

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