Intel Comet Lake G series CPUs leaked in the wild!

With Clock speeds as low as 0.8 GHz

According to some recent rumours and reports, a list of Intel Comet Lake SKUs that are said to be on the market has been leaked online, this time it’s from Intel’s Comet Lake G series. These are 15W TDP chips, although the frequency can also be high. But the frequency is far lower than the current low-voltage processors out in the market, let’s take a closer look.

intel comet lake g series leak

This is the first leak of the Comet Lake G series. But it does not seem to be the Intel-AMD coprocessor of the Kaby Lake-G series. Apart from the i3 processor, there are quad-core and eight threads. The table also lists the frequency of the cores under different cores. The first number is the maximum turbo frequency that can be achieved by a single core. The next number represents a specific core. And the final number might represent the full core Turbo frequency.

Intel Comet Lake G Series: The lowdown!

Foreign publications have said that the Comet Lake G series CPU is expected to be compatible with DDR4-3200 and LPDDR4-3733 memory, and it may also support AVX-512.

Not long ago, the Intel processor customer roadmap was leaked. It mainly had mobile products. The mobile roadmap shows that the Intel 10nm processor will be in limited production this year. While the mobile variants of the H class processors will continue to use the 14nm process until 2021.

Intel definitely seems to be behind AMD in this case as it has faced some serious trouble in shrinking its process in the recent past. While AMD is expected to march onto 7 nm process with Ryzen 3rd gen this year Intel still seems stuck at 14nm for a long time!

Let’s just wait and watch to see what the future has in store for Intel as well as AMD. So who are you more excited for? Team Blue or Team Red? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Intel Comet Lake G series CPUs leaked in the wild!

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