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Intel Core i3 10300 processor leaked online!

intel 10nm vs 7nm battle

Not long ago, the tenth generation of desktop i5 and i9 processors was leaked online, which were 6-core 12 threads and 10-core 20 thread models. Now, the i3-10300 has also appeared in the database, with 4 cores and 8 threads, and the base clock frequency has exceeded the i7-7700 for this one!

intel core i3 10300 processor leaked benchmark

Leak image via APISAK

UserBenchmark’s data shows that the i3-10300 is a 4-core 8-thread processor. It comes with a base clock frequency of 3.7GHz and a turbo boost frequency of 4.2GHz. In comparison, the i7-7700 released in 2017 was also a 4-core, 8-threaded, clocked at 3.6GHz and had a boost frequency of 4.2GHz.

Over time, the i7 launched just three years ago is now not as good as the i3 to be launched now!

This shows how much the processors have improved in recent years!

So guys what do you think? Would Intel finally rain down on the parade of Team Red which had a great year in 2019? Will the tenth generation desktop chips from Intel be able to counter the rising threat from AMD’s Ryzen series? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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